Saturday, April 11, 9a-12p, ET
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Candace Green 

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Presented by Russ Riddle, JD and Bruce Weinstein, PhD

What would you do?

  • You wake up with the flu one day before a presentation you’ve already been paid for. The gig is a four-hour flight away.
  • A client promised your check would be ready at the conference. When you arrive, you’re told the organization is having financial trouble and won’t be able to pay you. 
  • A meeting planner wants to book you. She heard you were “great” from an attendee of a keynote you gave three years ago. Your former agent booked that prior talk, after which there was a falling out. Does Jane’s event constitute “spin-off” business that you must give to the former agent? 

PART 1 will be a fast-moving session reminiscent of the TV show Family Feud. Two “families” on stage (five professional chapter members each) and YOU the audience, will have 30 seconds to come to consensus on each of ten “What would you do?” scenarios. Once the contestants’ answers are revealed, we’ll show how 100 NSA members from across the country responded. Then Russ and Bruce will suggest how you might navigate these problems successfully.

PART 2 – We will deep dive into: 

  • The 5 Principles of Ethical Intelligence
  • What NSA’s Code of Ethics requires in these scenarios
  • How NSA’s Conduct Code applies
  • Ways Bruce’s and Russ’s standard speaking contracts ward off many issues
  • Additional legal and ethical calls to action to protect your livelihood

Speakers with the best reputations, strongest businesses and clients who keep coming back tend to be those who consistently high-character integrity. COME confirm ways you’re doing so already and learn some ways in which you may not be. 




About Russ Riddle

What do Barney® the purple dinosaur, Thomas the Tank Engine® and YOU have in common? All have been served (or are about to be) by Russ Riddle!

Having practiced marriage for 36 years, law for 28, fatherhood for 27, and braved adventures as a juvenile probation officer and professional speaker, Russ is convinced that we must never stop learning and laughing.

His love of levity stems in part from an intellectual property law practice that has served such clients as Barney®, Bob the Builder®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, as well as many NSA characters throughout the country.

Russ currently serves on the National Speakers Association’s Board of Directors and is chair of the editorial committee for SPEAKER Magazine. He’s the author of two books: Lawyer Up – The Smart Way and Persuasive vs. Abrasive – The judges have ruled, as well as the intellectual property manual Corral Your Cash Cow.

He is appropriately known as the “Anomaly at Law®,” for he’s down to earth, clearly communicates and lavishes others with levity. 

About Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy®

Through his practical, interactive and entertaining presentations on ethical leadership, Dr. Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy®, inspires business leaders to do the right thing every time. He is the CEO of the Institute for High-Character Leadership.

"High-character leadership is the key to sustained success in business," Bruce says. “I’ll help you find the stories in your organization that show a direct relationship between the honesty of your leaders and quantifiable benefits to the people you serve—and to your own organization.”

 He writes a regular column on ethical leadership for Forbes online, and you have seen him discuss ethics in business and the news over 200 times on major broadcast and cable networks.

Bruce's clients have included Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Société Générale, The Home Depot, Northrop Grumman, All State Insurance, the American Bankers Association, Astellas Pharma, Dublin-based CRH, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, the National Football League, Investment Management Consultants Association, the South Carolina National Guard, and hundreds of other companies that know the key to their success is the high character of their employees, managers, and C-suite executives.

He received his B.A. in philosophy from Swarthmore College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in philosophy with a concentration in bioethics from Georgetown University and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. The W. K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michigan awarded Bruce a National Fellowship in Leadership

He lives in New York City with his wife Kristen Bancroft, who is a compliance professional in the financial services industry.