Cost is just $129 for 2.5 hours of powerful, experential learning in a comfortable, inviting and fun setting.  Registrations will open April 1, 2020. 

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Michelle Houle 
Intercultural Competence Edge Inc. 

What will I learn?

It is important to have deep understanding of unconscious bias; it is equally important to understand how to mitigate it.  In this session, we focus on mitigation of your personal unconscious biases.  Then we will look at the negative effects of such biases on diversity initiatives such as recruiting, retention, and inclusion.

Topics Covered:

• How unconscious biases can effect recruiting, retention, and inclusion in your organization
• Deeper understanding of your personal unconscious biases
• Proven strategies for mitigating unconscious bias

Disciplines Learned:

• Unconscious Bias Mitigation
• Cross-Cultural Empathy
• Handling Identity Threat (Part 3)


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