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Intercultural Competence Edge, Inc.

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Michelle Houle 
Intercultural Competence Edge Inc. 

What will I learn?

In the final course of this six-part series, we bring together all the core concepts and disciplines needed to bridge cultural differences and become more effective at building cross-cultural relationships and inclusion. This journey starts with understanding how to foster cross-cultural trust.  Then we explore behaviors that use our intercultural competence mindset and skills to recognize and successfully navigate cultural differences.

Topics Covered:

• Examining the role of trust in effectively bridging across differences
• Inclusive leadership behaviors
 • Exploring different ways to solve cross-cultural misunderstandings
• Systems Thinking: definition and application in your organization

Disciplines Learned:

• Change vs. Comfort
• Behavioral Flexibility
• Business Necessity Thinking
• System Thinking
• Tolerance for Ambiguity


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