July 24-26, 2020


$750 - Student paid before June 30

$800 - Student paid July 1-18

$300 - Auditor

PayPal & Debit/Credit cards accepted with online registration.

DK Acres


SK S0G 5C0, Canada

Directions: 6km East of Whitewood
1km North on HWY #1



Horse pens & paddocks available 
Contact Host
Campground, Hotel B & B in Whitewood

What to Bring Each Day

  • Water
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Printed Workbook, paper & pen
  •  Hat, Scarf


Host: Kelsey Kaban (306)620-7901

Instructor: Anne Baron



Holistic Horseworks Presents

Level 1 - Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Clinic
with Anne Baron

July 24-26
, Canada

Cost is $750 paid in full before June 30, $800 paid in full between July 1-18

Auditors $300

Included in your registration is $150 worth of study materials (Digital Versions of 2 DVDs and the Workbook) sent to you upon completion of your registration.

Join us in Whitewood, SK Canada where we will teach you how to find the ‘cause’ of the mysterious lameness or horse body issue. If you landed here you have already spent thousands of $$ on Vet bills and other bodywork modalities to not get the results you were looking for... a happy, athletic moving freely equine friend that competes well too.

In this 3-day hands-on fun and intenstive class, we teach you soft, yet very deep Osteopathic and Myofascial releases which are very effective in correcting gait abnormalities, ill-fitting saddles, and mysterious lameness issues.  Our work addresses the cause of problems, whereas most other modalities of horse care address only the symptoms.  Students will leave with the training, techniques and knowledge to accurately find and treat equine problems and issues.

This is not Massage, Acupressure or other basic modality taught everywhere else, where you just learn how to treat the symptom of what the horse presents.

Learn the answers to why your horse has...

  • Mysterious lameness
  • Cross firing at the canter
  • Heaviness at the front (fore)
  • High/low hoove syndrome
  • Unwillingness to pick-up a lead
  • Resistance to one rein over another
  • Cinchy/girthy or cold-backed
  • Posture issues — roach back, hunters bump, cow hocked or U-necked
  • Cranial Sacral issues — head shakers, spooky/flighty, auto-immune, allergies, hard to bridle or resistant to the bit
  • Isn't competing well

Here's What You Get:

3 full days with a certified instructor where you will have classroom and hands-on training.

All registered participants will receive links to watch two of our DVDs and the class WORKBOOK ($150 VALUE!!). Please watch and pre-study prior to the beginning of class. Print the entire workbook out as you will need it during the workshop and electronic devices are not compatible with energy healing work.

  • Horses are Talking, Are You Listening?
  • Equine CranialSacral Energy Work


Total cost is $750 if full payment is received by June 30. $200 USD Deposit with registration and the additional $550 paid by June 30.

Payed in full July 1-18 Total cost is $800 if full payment is received July 1-18. $200 USD Deposit with registration and the additional $600 paid by July 18.

Auditors cost is $300. $50 USD Deposit with registration and the additional $250 which is due 30-days before the class.

Terms and conditions: Balance of class fee is to be paid to the instructor no later than 30 days prior to the class start date. If you need to reschedule A two-week notice must be given so that we have time to fill your spot as pre studying is necessary for any students. No refunds are given on deposits as digital study materials have already been sent to you, you will have a future credit instead.
  Horses are Talking Are You Listening DVD cover Equine_CranioSacral_Therapy_Energy Work DVD cover