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OSSB Summer Camps
Ohio State School for the Blind
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Ohio State School for the Blind Virtual Summer Camps 

The Ohio State School for the Blind offers virtual summer camps for all students who are blind or have low vision and live in Ohio. The camps are open to students going into grades K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Ohio State School for the Blind will be transitioning all Summer Camps to Virtual Camps for Summer 2020 due to the current public health circumstances to ensure the highest level of safety for students and staff. Virtual Camps will be facilitated by OSSB educators with small group support from OSSB staff. Students will have a variety of Virtual Camps to choose from to ensure continued engagement throughout the summer months.

OSSB Virtual Camps will include 2-3 hours of online instruction from educators, supplemental enrichment activities, and ongoing support from OSSB staff. A connected device (laptop, tablet, etc…) with internet connection will be required to participate in all Virtual Camps. OSSB will mail participants necessary supplies in advance for participation.

We look forward to hosting students this summer for our first Virtual Camp and providing ongoing opportunities for our students to learn and grow!


  • The camps at OSSB are open to students who are blind or have low vision, and are in grades K-12.
  • Read all sections of the registration form. Email ossbsummercamp@ossb.oh.gov with any questions or problems during the registration process.


  • The deadline to register is Friday May 29.


 You must add your camper's information as part of the registration process by clicking the Add button located at the bottom of the form. 

  • To register multiple campers within one family, click the Add Another button found at the bottom of the previous camper's information.

Once you have entered all of the required information, including all campers’ information, click the Register Now button. You will receive an automatic message on-screen to let you know your registration was successfully submitted.

A confirmation email of your submitted registration information will be sent to your email (from the Parent/Guardian Information section). If you do not receive the email shortly after registering, please check your spam folder.

If your student does not attend the Ohio State School for the Blind during the school year, complete the Learning Media form (found at the bottom of this event page) and email it to ossbsummercamp@osssb.oh.gov


Panthers Camp: June 1-June 5

a girl with a brightly colored shirt holds a blade of grass

Grades: 3-7

Panthers Camp is a virtual camp geared toward students with multiple disabilities.  Our fun-filled week will focus on Camping!  Through academic and expanded core curriculum for the visually impaired, we will focus on exploration, social skills and daily living skills.  Hands on activities will be completed both independently as well as in a virtual group setting.  Activities will include music, movement, cooking, art and dramatic play.  Join us for a fun-filled week of camping fun!

PAYS (Panthers At Your Service) It Forward: June 1-June 5 

students and volunteers working to transplant plants into pots              

Grades: 9-12

PAYS It Forward will focus on a multitude of community service activities that you can complete from home!  We will be writing letters of gratitude to the troops, making cards for hospitalized kids, recording digital stories for elementary-aged children, decorating lunch bags for Meals on Wheels, among many other things.  In addition to our activities, we will have time for reflection and discussion about the importance of serving others.  Participants will earn an award at the end of the week stipulating their hours that they may use for resumes, scholarships, and college applications.  This camp is designed for high school students in grades nine through twelve.  Come PAYS It Forward!

STEM Camp: June 8-12 

A little boy smiling in an astronaut helmet.

Grades: 7-12

This year's theme for STEM Camp is space. We will be exploring the mysteries of the universe from the comfort of our homes. Topics will include stars, black holes, supernovas, and galaxies. At the end of the camp, we will build bottle rockets from materials we can find in our homes.

Branching Out! Wonders of Nature Camp:  June 8-12


Grades: K-3

Branching Out! This OSSB Virtual Camp will focus on exploring the nature that surrounds us. Activities will be completed both independently as well as in a virtual group setting. Activities will focus on exploration and discovery, growing self- esteem and retaining skills previously learned. Hands-on activities will include engaging movement, music, and art. Academic and expanded core areas will be addressed through socialization and games while integrating reading, math and listening skills. This week will provide opportunities to connect virtually with new and old friends and to celebrate nature’s wonders.

Fun with Numbers Camp: June 22-26

Two kids climbing an indoor slide

Grades: 3 – 7

Join us for a fun time of games, riddles, scavenger hunts and puzzles to explore elementary math concepts. We’ll be using Zoom to get together with friends from around Ohio to play math games and learn more about numbers!  This camp is for students who will be working on academic math standards and attending third through seventh grade next school year.

Theatre Camp: June 22-26   

students standing on a stage in theater costumes

Grades: 7-12

Stuck inside for the summer!? No problem! Join us on a virtual journey to learn all about the theater and the basics of theatrical production. Camp will meet online, teachers will provide videos, and we will all learn together about the history of theater, maybe even practice a production of our own! Campers will develop and improve their acting abilities, improvisation, and scene study, with an added bonus of learning the basics of video recording and editing! 

Lots of Dots Summer Braille Experience: July 6-10 

a boy reading his report using braille

Grades: 3-7

Braille Camp is for students with a visual impairment, who currently use braille for written communication, and access. This camp will focus on review and practice reading and writing UEB braille. Sessions will be held online with large and small groups. Participants must have had some previous braille instruction, access to a braille writer or braille notetaker and be able to use Zoom to access the experience. Students who will be attending third through 7th grade in the upcoming school year are the target group for the fun, exciting learning opportunity.

Sports Camp- Home Edition: July 6-10


Grades: 7-12

This year Sports Camp is happening at your home! Enjoy daily discussion groups with your peers and guest speakers related to sports, fitness and overcoming barriers as an individual who is visually impaired and how to be active at home. Get active with help creating a home gym with minimal equipment. Mr. Grim, Mr. Lee and Ms. Brewer-Wood will help you with daily workouts through online video sessions. Find local activities to pursue (when they open again) and learn to advocate for what you need to access fitness activities in your community.

Where in the World are Your O&M Teachers?

Weekly on Wednesdays July 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29

cartoon world with silhouette of person with a white cane across the world

Grades: K - 4

Campers will start learning about their neighborhoods and expand to learning about our cities, state, country, and end with our world. Each week will build on important knowledge and skills related to orientation and mobility. This experience will stretch over a month to allow for family involvement with these young participants. In July, instruction will take place on Wednesdays weekly as a whole group. Individual lessons will be provided to campers and families. Campers will build their concept development through literature and art activities. All materials will be provided to complete these activities at home. We look forward to exploring our world with you.


The document is in fillable PDF format. To open the document you can click either the thumbnail image (will open in this same window) or the text link (will open in a new window).

**Return form tossbsummercamp@ossb.oh.gov **

Learning Media Form- This form is to be completed by campers who do not attend OSSB during the school year. Click here to open the Learning Media Form in a new window.

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To ensure that the information in the Learning Media Form is successfully submitted please follow these steps;

- Download the form to create a copy (the download icon is located in the top right corner)

- Rename the copy and save it

- Open the new renamed file, fill it out, and save work

- Attach to the summer camp email address, ossbsummercamp@ossb.oh.gov




As part of registering for the OSSB virtual Summer camps you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Below you will find links to the Terms and Conditions and the Technology Acceptable Use policy, which is referenced within the Terms and Conditions.   

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