Build Your Expertise! Training for Workforce + Careers Professionals

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Welcome to WorkNet. We exist to equip and inspire providers of employment services, especially as you help people with significant barriers to begin and succeed in careers. We are known for delivering powerful training that produces results. 

All our programs teach proven strategies using brain-based approaches. They are fun, interactive, and applied to ensure your team can mobilize the powerful lessons into their daily work and to deliver valuable ROI for your organization.

As leaders in virtual training, WorkNet has trained thousands of professionals virtually since March 2020. Our virtual programs employ WorkNet's 6 Pillars for Virtual Excellence and current techniques to bring the learning to life in a virtual environment.

We look forward to training your team.

L.I.V.E. Learning Sessions

  • Live-delivered by an experienced facilitator
  • Interactive so each learner can get what they need
  • Virtually-facilitated for convenience and flexibiity
  • Experiential so learners try, personalize & apply lessons


PROVEN  |  Over 15+ years, we have trained 30,000+ professionals across the globe.

ROI-FOCUSED  |  We are an entrepreneurial team, responsive and commited to your ROI. 

EXCELLENT  |  We are are experienced in brain-based, accelerated training.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE  |  With 15+ years serving the industry, we understand your needs.

TRAINER  Elisabeth Sanders-Park creates innovative solutions for job seekers, organizations & companies. Trained in brain-based teaching, she has trained 30,000+ practitioners across the globe.



Virtual TRAINER is an applied intensive that prepares trainers to design and deliver excellent virtual training   |  MAR 2021

Virtual COACH equips those who coach individual and small groups of job seekers and career changers  |   MAR 2021

Workplace Excellence Series Certification Event trains and certifies practitioners to purchase and teach The WPE Series on soft skills  |  APR 2021  

CAREER NINJA equips and inspires practitioners on the heart of the matter -- helping people begin and succeed in careers... including those with major barriers  |  JUNE 2021


 Everything DiSC Workplace  |  Unlock the potential of your people and the power of your culture with personalized insights to make workplace interactions enjoyable & effective.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ  |  Combine DiSC with active EQ development so your team can navigate outside their comfort zone and thrive in any situation.

5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team  | Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage. 5B helps teams achieve their potential, resulting in a healthier, more productive organization.

Virtual MEETINGS + RETREATS  |  Keep your team connected and productive in these strange times. Partner with us to create a unique and tailored experience to refresh and focus your team.