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USA Jump Rope

2019-2020 USA Jump Rope Presentation Judge (Level 1)

Recertification Test 

USA Jump Rope has developed and approved the option for judges to certify for presentation judging through an online test. In order to recertify through this test, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Current USA Jump Rope member in good standing
  • Must have been previously certified as a judge through a USA Jump Rope judge training course

Register to recertify by clicking the button below. Please include all information. The test is FREE! 

Once submitted, you will recieve and email with the test link and printable score sheets. Make sure print the sheets so youre ready to submit them at the end. You can upload and link them to your submission as a PDF file or JPEG. Once you've completed and submitted the test. Your test will be sent directly to the USA Jump Rope Office and answers verified by the Judge Trainer. You will receive and email with your test score within 3-5 business days.

Please make sure to read through the EXPECTIONS (can be found on page 8 of the Judges Handbook):

  • Be a member of the USA Jump Rope.
  • Attend an official judging certification clinic yearly.
  • Practice clicking speed jumpers.
  • Practice freestyle judging as much as possible. Watch routines on videotape or at your local team’s practices, and analyze them as if you were a judge. This will allow you to score routines quickly as well as accurately on the score sheet.
  • Attend all meetings and judges’ briefings as indicated on the tournament schedule.
  • Review this Judging Handbook and be familiar with all rules and procedures related to your assigned judging duty.
  • Arrive at your station on time and prepared for your assigned duty.
  • Wear a white shirt or an official USAJR shirt, along with navy blue pants, shorts, or skirt and athletic shoes when judging. A plain white or navy sweater or a sweater with the USAJR logo is permitted. No denim or team logos permitted!
  • Cell-phones, cameras, and similar devices may not be used while judging with the exception of speed judges using a cell phone or iPod to click speed (must be in airplane mode).
  • Be pleasant and polite at all times while judging. Be friendly with your fellow judges, but refrain from any comments or discussion while judging.
  • Be impartial. Avoid coaching or cheering for any certain competitor or competitors.
  • No judging or competitive modifications may be given to jumpers or teams based on reputation only. This includes “warning” judges at a station that a team/jumper is “really good” or “really fast,” or providing any other exception or advantage. A 4th clicker judge may be added for Nationals if requested by a coach, in writing at time of registration, for jumpers who have documented speed scores at or above the automatic qualifying scores (section 205 of the rulebook).
  • Head Judges and Floor Managers are the only judges allowed to talk to the competitors. In speed events, Judge 2 is allowed to talk to competitors about delays.
  • Do not discuss scores, concerns, judging issues, re-jumps, protests, or challenges with the coach or jumpers. Any issues should be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director immediately.
  • If you have any questions about rules or procedures, please call a certified judge trainer in your area for clarification, or contact the Competition Committee of USA Jump Rope.

Thank you and good luck!