Our PPE Face Shield Campaign will begin on April 8th and continue through July 25th 2020.  We will continue based on need and supply.  Join in and help today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM CDT
Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM CDT

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Creating A DIY Face Shield


There are many great DIY instructions out there to create Face Shields.  Check out the link below as the standard, super easy face shields our mentees will create. Check out the link below.  


If you are able to create something even better, please email our contacts below for approval just to make sure they meet our healthcare providers' need.  Once the design is approved you can start creating and helping to provide desparately needed PPE for our Healthcare providers


What We Ask Of You

To participate in our campaign, you must agree to make  at least 20 Face Shields. More is better

Arrange with our team to pick up and drop off a batch of high quality, made with love face shields

Do NOT create masks if you are symptomatic in any way or are known to be positive with COVID-19

Invite a friend to join you (at their own home of course!)

Remember to always practice social distancing

Wash hands obsessively




Our Nation's Healthcare workers are walking into the line of fire every day while caring for countless patients suffering and sadly dying from COVID-19.  Healthcare workers as well are becoming infected at alarming rates throughout the country often because of inadequate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).   The solution will have to come from within our communities because there are simply not enough PPE to keep our healthcare heroes safe.  That's where YOU come in. 

Marisa Arakawa and Sam Ogunbode (pictured above) are two of our amazing I AM ABEL FOUNDATION student mentees.  Marisa graduated from Purdue University while Sam graduated from Northern Illinois University.  Both will become physicians but during the COVID-19 crises, each asked what they could do to help NOW.  They graciously are leading our "Saving Our Heroes" Face Shield Campaign.  They will be supported by Dena Beaty, an I AM ABEL FOUNDATION Board Member and professional events planner.


It is awesome to see so many communities banding together to create face masks, but that's just one small part of the PPE needed for our healthcare providers that deliver care in the ER, ICU and on the hospital medical units.  These units are where the very ill are so healthcare workers are constantly bombarded by the virus.  Moreover, many procedures required to save life also aerosolize viral particles in the air.  That is why a face shield is a must for many of our healthcare workers.  The face shield not only protects the respirator mask, it protects your face from unseen particles serving as another very important barrier of protection. 

Join I AM ABEL FOUNDATION as we look to produce 5000 Face Shields by July 2020 for our Chicago area healthcare deliverers.

To Our Healthcare Heroes - Thank you for having our backs.  

Now we will have yours! 


Sam Ogunbode and Marisa Arakawa