Monday, April 27, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM MDT
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Julie Massaro 
ASA Colorado 

The Colorado ASA 30 Day Service Advisor Skill Challenge

Attention ASA Colorado Members* - Join Us for This Complimentary (FREE!) multi-part Powerful Training Program Brought to You by Greg Marchand and ASA Colorado


 Who Should Attend? 

Service Advisors, Shop Managers, and anyone wanting to grow skills specific to growing sales skills, managing service counter workflow, increasing gross profit, and growing customer satisfaction. 

Program Description:

During this unusual time in our history, Service Advisors may find more time available to develop and practice skills. Now is the time to take advantage of the mental space to fine-tune word tracks, consider sales process, and practice telephone selling with one another. 

The focus of this program is on skill development, customer relations, employee relations, and ensuring the profitability of each repair order. It is recognized that due to the current unique business environment that actual growth of the business is likely dependent on a return to some sort of normal traffic counts in the future, however each skill learned, and practiced, applies to every customer and repair order whether that’s limited to two cars a day, or fifty cars each day.


What you can expect: 

  • Kickoff Zoom meeting on April 27th.
  • Each day you will be assigned a specific video to watch, and a task to be completed. 
  • Every Thursday for a period of six weeks you will attend a one hour Zoom meeting where you can share progress, challenges, and accomplishments. We will answer questions and fill in the gaps as well.
  • You will be challenged. You will learn new skills. You will work on, and practice sales skills, work dispatch skills, understanding your influence on gross profit, and knowing how and why customers behave the way that they do.
  • Discounts are offered on optional, supporting materials:          

  Dashboard Virtual Coaching Tool ($150/mo -  normally offered at $250/mo)

  Book: Managing Employees When Turnover is Not an Option ($17)

  Book: Service Management Made Simple 2nd Edition ($17)

  Book: Selling Automotive Service ($17)

Class Expectations: Active participation and skill development is expected from all participants. Due to the relative proximity of participants, group participants will not be expected to share specific KPI’s, actual processes or specific challenges with the group.

 30 Day Service Advisor Skill Challenge Agenda:

Day #1: Active Listening Skills

Day #2: Asking the Right Questions

Day #3: Customer Buying Process: Need Recognition

Day #4: Customer Buying Process: Gather Information

Day #5: Customer Buying Process: Determine Alternatives and Options

Day #6: Customer Buying Process: Decision Making

Day #7: Customer Buying Process: Post-Purchase Behavior

Day #8: Sales Process Step One: Listen

Day #9: Sales Process Step Two: Present and Explain Alternatives and Options

Day #10: Sales Process Step Three: Ask for Feedback

Day #11: Sales Process Step Four: Ask for the Sale

Day #12: Sales Process Step Five: Manage the Customer Relationship

Day #13: Service Advisor Influence on Gross Profit          

Day #14: Increasing Labor Hours Sold

Day #15: The Service Advisor’s Influence on Shop Production

Day #16: Repair Order Dispatching Essentials

Day #17: Customer Problem Analysis Sheet

Day #18: Customer Scheduling

Day #19: Telephone Selling

Day #20: Customer Referral Program Plan

Day #21: Your Courtesy Inspection

Day #22: Selling From the Courtesy Inspection

Day #23: Technician & Service Advisor Communication   

Day #24: Managing Service Counter Workflow

Day #25: The Magic of Goal Setting

Day #26: Service Advisor Goal Worksheet

Day #27: Your Training Plan

Day #28: Understanding the Diagnostic Process

Day #29: Selling Diagnostics

Day #30: Selling Preventative Maintenance


Let us help you build your skills for the future in these tough times!  

Register today!

About the Instructor:


Spend some time with one of the best trainers in the Automotive Services field - Greg Marchand | SERVICE SALES ACADEMY | Greg Marchand is an author, industry consultant, and passionate educator. As a former shop owner, Toyota business consultant, and college teacher, Greg is passionate about the health of the automotive industry. Greg designs and delivers knowledge rich, engaging automotive service and sales curriculum for instructor led and virtual instructor led training programs delivered throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. 

He also conducts in-shop process consultations worldwide and served as the Special Advisor to the President of Kia Motors Adria Group. His spare time is spent fishing,skiing, and ice climbing. Greg holds an undergraduate degree in Automotive Technology and an MBA in Organizational Sustainability. Exceptional Customer Handling Skills provides participants with industry best practices that lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher customer retention, and better profitability. Attendees also learn how to reduce the anxiety of dealing with upset customers.

* Not an ASA Colorado member currently - no problem, take advantage of our limited time special offer - join now at no cost and we will bill you later in the year when we things get back to normal.  Call Julie at 303-202-5231 or email asaco@asacolorado.org.