Sunday, May 3, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM PDT
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contact :  Betsy Haggerty 


Water Method Dissolving Meditation - Sunday May 3 2020 7-8pm (PDT)

Water Method Dissolving is a guided meditation practice.  

This qigong assists in the process of kindly and gently liberating the energetic fields of the body as you release stagnation and obstacles.

It is said that these teachings were codified during the early Axial Age in China, around the 6thcentury BCE.  References can be seen in the writing of the legendary figure of Laozi in the DaoDeJing. This approach informed the health and spiritual practices known as Dao Yin and then more recently known as qigong. 

This meditation uses the metaphor of the stages of water as it moves from Ice to Water and then Water to Mist.  In other words, from solidity to fluidity to lightness and transparency. 

This meditation can be used on many layers of experience to release and let go of stress, trauma and stagnation in the nervous system and the subtler systems of the body.

Our practice time together will be spent learning and understanding the elements of the practice followed by the actual guided meditation.  This practice can be done standing, seated or lying down.  My suggestion is the first few times you do this mediation, you do it lying down.  

Enjoy this deeply relaxing and restorative guided meditation, and through your own heartfelt intention to do so – let go, heal and reset!