Friday, May 29, 2020 at 11:00 am PDT

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Christophe Morin & Patrick Renvoise
415-869-8774 ext 701

Christophe Morin PhD
Chief Persuasion Scientist, SalesBrain


Patrick Renvoise
Chief Persuasion Officer, SalesBrain



About SalesBrain
SalesBrain™ is the first neuromarketing agency with a scientific persuasion model that helps companies with:


SalesBrain offers research, coaching, training and creative services to help businesses grow. It also offers a Certified Persuasion program for executives coaches and marketing agencies.



Why We Hate Selling on Zoom and

How Neuroscience Can Help

Image Courtesy of Leverage Consulting's Designer: Thank you Nyla!

In a COVID-19 world, when you can no longer meet face to face, many executives turn to Zoom and virtual selling.

Do you worry that you have less impact on Zoom?

Do you worry your prospect is multitasking?

Do you worry about your virtual close and GROWTH?

Learn how Virtual Persuasion will:

  • increase your impact
  • grab and hold your prospects' attention
  • close more sales and grow your business

Neuroscience is your path to Growth through Virtual Persuasion! 

In this unique, never released webinar you will learn how to improve your Virtual Selling skills. Based on NeuroMap® and the award-winning book The Persuasion Code, the webinar will discuss how you can improve virtual selling by using the science of how people use their brain to make decisions. 


This webinar will present:

  • Why the Primal Brain of your customers drives their on-line behavior
  • Why Homo Sapiens doesn't like Zoom... it's all about the science of the brain!
  • Differences between face to face selling and remote selling
  • WHAT and HOW to communicate using video conferencing


Executives who want to grow their business NOW using virtual selling 


On Zoom (no joke!): to attend please register below.


Friday May 29, 2020
11:00 am PST till 11:45 + 5 min Q&A

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“We recently hosted a 2-day conference for executives of many of our top partners. Among a stellar roster that included Malcolm Gladwell and Ashton Kutcher, Patrick was invited to present on his topic of expertise: Neuromarketing, the Persuasion Code. His unique content and presentation style captivated our audience, and he received the top rating of the event. Patrick’s unique perspective is a must learn for today’s professional.”      --Elina Vilk, Head of Marketing, PayPal www.linkedin.com/in/elinavilk/