Friday, May 22, 2020 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM EDT
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Taylor Rose, Administrative Assistant to Childhood & Youth Success 
United Way of Southwest Virginia 

Trauma and Resilience Basics : Session 3 of 3

Each session will be recorded, so even if you can't participate at the time, register and watch the video at your own pace. 

3 Part Series for Trauma and Resilience Basics 

One of the first steps in this solution is assuring a trauma-informed foundation for communities, organizations, schools, and systems is to educate everyone: practitioners, their system leaders, supervisors, teachers and educators, community members, and all those who care for and about children. In a comprehensive approach, anyone touching the lives of a person who may have been touched by trauma needs to understand the basic principles of the impact of trauma and the hope of building individual and community resilience.

This spring professional development opportunity will be a three-part series. Each workshop will build on the information that was presented in the previous workshop. You are encouraged to attend all three workshops. If you are unable to attend all three workshops, you are still more than welcome to attend any of the three offerings.  

The Trauma and Resilience Basics Course provides participants with an understanding and skill base in the five following areas:

The Trauma and Resilience Basics Course provides participants with an understanding and skill base in the five following areas:

Trauma – The Most Basic Public Health Issue: Participants will learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact on youth and adult mental and physical wellness.

Trauma – The Impact on the Brain: Participants will learn the upstairs/downstairs brain model and basic interventions for consumers who are in “survival mode.”

Trauma – The Impact on At-Risk Behaviors: Participants will learn how to respond to the NEED rather than reacting to the BEHAVIOR and create effective responses to promote trauma healing, minimize re-traumatization, and increase positive behaviors.

Resilience – Building Individual Resilience into Everyday Action: Participants will learn to promote self-regulation, positive self-identity, and co-regulation skills that are specific to the population they serve. Specific resilience-building strategies will be explored in depth.

Resilience – Building Community Resilience: Participants will learn the Virtuous Cycle, the foundations for building Trauma-Informed Communities, and the collective impact models of resilience that improve population health outcomes.


Meet the presenter:

3 Part Series for Trauma and Resilience Basics 


John Richardson-LauveDirector of Mental Health and Lead Trauma & Resilience Educator at ChildSavers

John Richardson-Lauve is a licensed clinical social worker with 25 years of experience working in community mental health. He is committed to strengthening individuals and communities that struggle with adversity. He is the Mental Health Director at ChildSavers, an outpatient mental health clinic serving children and families in the Richmond community, and travels the country training in the area of trauma-informed care.