Teaching vitalnot-so-soft skills businesses demand today

WPE Series Certification Training

A Virtual Event - JUNE 8+10+12 @ 3-6PM ET

Hosted by AAWDC & The WPE Team


Monday + Wednesday + Friday

JUNE 8 + 10 + 12, 2020

3:00pm - 6:00pm ET each day


This is an interactive Zoom event.


Certified Facilitator -- $500 | Certified Facilitators can teach the series to various learners (job seekers, students, employees, incumbent workers) inside & outside their organizations.

CF Re-Certification -- $300  | For those who have been a Certified Facilitators for 3 years. Come for a refresher, bring your training binder, get re-certified for 3 more years.

Become A Master Trainer

Master Trainer Upgrade Program

June 26, 1-4PM ET

MT FAQs  |  Info + Registration


Elisabeth |  elisabeth@worknetsolutions.com

Meet Your Trainer

Elisabeth Sanders-Park is a writer, a speaker and thought leader in the field of career development... and trainer from the trenches. She is trained in brain-based teaching strategies and committed to creating training that produces immediate and lasting results. Known for delivering inspiring, fun, practical training, in the last 15+ years, she has trained more than 30,000 trainers across the U.S., Australia, and Canada to deliver better content in a more powerful way.

Welcome to The Workplace Excellence Series

We are glad your organization will be using the series to help employees, students, and job seekers at all levels to cultivate the essential 'not-so-soft' skills businesses demand today! 

The Workplace Excellence Series must be delivered by a Certified Facilitator. This first-ever 3-session VIRTUAL certification event will equip and permit you to purchase and teach the series to learners.  Register Now! 

You may also become a Master Trainer and train-up Certified Facilitators. June 26 Event

To bring us in to certify 10+ people on your team or in your community, contact us.

Who Uses the Series?

ORGANIZATIONS Serving Job Seekers + Students + Career Changers, including Workforce development, employment and staffing, human services, education and training, and career services, and others supporting job seekers and career changers. 


BUSINESSES + TRAINERS Supporting Employees + New Hires + Apprentices + Interns, including HR, corporate trainers, independent trainers, consultants, and others.




The Employer's Perspective. A powerful dose of the employer's perspective is woven throughout the series, so we spend time seeing things and speak from that vital vantage point.

The Series. We explore key concepts and exercises in each module so you get familiar, get your questions answered, and can get started.


Accelerated Teaching Techniques. The series promotes interaction, relevance, and real-life application so learners get it, personalize it, and apply it. We sharpen the skills of great facilitators and increase the capacity and confidence of new facilitators. YOu will also prepare for your presentation in session three.


Presentations. Each attendee presents a portion of the curriculum for 10 minutes to demonstrate their knowledge of the series, the employer's perspective, and the accelerated teaching techniques taught on day one. Everyone learns as we all give and receive feedback. And, it's fun!

Final Q&A. We field remaining questions and introduce the WPE Community of Support.