Saturday, May 23, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT
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Story Lucile Ducey 
Institute for Spiritual Development 


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Given the economic hardship many of us are experiencing at this time, we at the Institute for Spiritual Development want to make these classes more accessible for you!

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Tantric Yoga Mantras: The Science of Sound

  • Learn Tantric Sandhya mediation: Touching various parts of the Body can first center the Mind in contact with all the Nadis (nerve plexus) and Chakras of the Body
  •  Learn Tantric Philosophy to understand People behave according to the Centers of the Brain they can access. Study Tantric Centers of the Brain
  •  Learn how to ignite higher Centers of the Brain to develop Force of Will/Will Power: Understand Kali by Chanting her Mantras
  • Understand the Science of Tantric Sound in relation to the Sheaths of the Body to access Higher Centers of the Brain and the basis of the AUM Mantra
  •  Understand the Guru Paduka Center: Chant the Guru Paduka Mantra to integrate the higher Centers of the Brain
  • Understand the Hung Sah Mantra to develop Courage beyond the Fear of Death to strengthen 

A talk by Tapash, Vedic Astrologer and Tantric Yogi for 30 years, brings us an experience of Tantric Meditation. Tantric meditation with mantras/hymns helps invoke the Universal Forces that shape our world: “Ha” Controlling Force/Planetary influences, “i “Intelligence, “A” Wisdom, “O” Enjoyment, “Li” Life Force, “Ri” Acton Force, “OO” Peace Force and “Aa” Love. Understand Durga by chanting her Mantras for the Protection of Society to develop Tejas: The fight against Selfishness, Ignorance and Exploitation

We will discuss the Daivi Sampadas: those god-like universal spiritual principles, irrespective of religion or culture: such as Love, Intellect, Courage, Joy and Bliss that illuminate our lives. Learn how knowledge of the 8 Universal Forces, each with its own particular sound vibration and mantra and how meditation helps to shape our lives. Enjoy a deep meditative experience with Tapash singing the Mantras and Hymns in Sanskrit.

 These mantras help you identify and vibrate to these higher spiritual vibrations. They influence your brains chemistry. They become a cosmic conduit that magnifies your impulses and emotions with the goal of linking you to the three higher realms of existence to touch the Mahatmas, great souls, and attract their attention.

 Participants attend via computer, tablet, smartphone or dial-in via phone. Attendees will be able to see and hear Tapash teaching live on their computer or mobile device.  And participate with questions and discussion and practice, just like any other class.  Receive your zoom link when you register! 

  About Tapash: I am trained in Indian Astrology and Tantric Yoga in the Ananda Math Tradition. This tradition has both female and male Yogis, honoring both the feminine and masculine aspects of God. It also has an ancient lineage of Spiritual Warrior Monks. After decades of studying Sanskrit mantras and hymns, yogic philosophy, and Fire Ceremonies I became qualified to teach and perform Puja`s Vedic Ceremonies. This study honors universal spiritual principles. I love doing people's astrology and have some success in making them aware of their strength and weaknesses. It is amazing that Vedic Astrology can help divine your strengths and weaknesses and is so accurate that there is a time line of when specific Karma is likely to impact your life. I can surprise people by how much I can discern about their lives past and future.