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SALLI Spring Classes

May 17, 2020 - Online registration is closed but we still have spots!  Call 757-724-7001 to register for upcoming Spring SALLI Classes.

History Bites Series - Join us weekly on Tuesdays from 10:30AM - 12:00PM, May 19 - June 23, to hear award-winning historian John V. Quarstein present fascinating short stories about Virginia history. This Series is in partnership with the Mariner's Museum.

May 19 - Virginia Scandals: We think of Virginia as the “mother of presidents” and home of many “founding fathers” of our nation. Yet, hidden beneath the nobility of the Old Dominion lie scandals beyond compare.  How did pirates forge Virginia’s government and help found the College of William & Mary?  Who was the 18-year-old Richmond native, Arabella Duval Yarrington, who influenced C.P. Huntington to build the C & O Railroad and the city of Newport News? These, and other scandalous stories will be shared.

May 26 - Southampton Insurrection: On August 21, 1831, Nat Turner, a 30-year-old literate slave, believing he was chosen by God to topple the evils of slavery, led the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history. His revolt failed to end slavery but still managed to expand the abolitionist movement and pushed the country closer towards civil war.

June 2 - Virginia Canals: As Virginia’s population moved westward, a great need arose to connect the Ohio River Valley with the Commonwealth’s Atlantic ports. The oldest continually operated man-made canal in the United States was the Dismal Swamp Canal, connecting Eastern North Carolina’s rich agricultural resources with the Chesapeake Bay.  A race between New York and Virginia to be the first to secure a viable route with western raw materials helped change America’s economic future.   

June 9 - Victory at Yorktown: With the British moving to Yorktown to establish a base in late summer1781, and General George Washington moving the Franco-American army from New York to Virginia in September 1781, the siege of Yorktown began on 28 September and eventually forced the army of Lord Cornwallis to surrender. The Franco-American victory basically ended military operations in the American Revolution and forged a new nation, the United States of America.  

June 16 - Fort Monroe: Freedom's Fortress: Fort Monroe, on Old Point Comfort, Virginia, is one of the most historic sites in America. In 1609, it was fortified and used as the port of entry for the Jamestown colony and in 1619 the first Africans arrived here. Different forts were erected during the colonial area but none survived. Built between 1819-1834, Fort Monroe was the largest coastal defense fort in the United States and was occupied by Union forces during the Civil War. It continued as a coastal defense fortification until after World War ll when it became a major U.S. Army headquarters until 2011 when it closed as a military base.   

June 23 - Hampton Roads Tourism: Following the Civil War, Old Point Comfort became the greatest resort in America due to its railroad and steamship connections. Including the Hygeia Hotel, built in 1822, the resort featured three hotels with 2400 rooms. Other local beach areas including Buckroe Beach and Grandview supported the resort.  With an improved transportation network, Ocean View in Norfolk began to thrive. Virginia Beach became a small resort in the late 1890’s when a small railroad line reached the beach and eventually enabled Virginia Beach to develop into one of Virginia’s greatest tourist attractions. 


All About the Arts - Join us weekly on Fridays from 10:30AM - 12:00PM, May 22 - June 26, to hear local artists talk about their crafts. This Series is In partnership with Tidewater Arts Outreach.

May 22 - Art Appreciation: Michele Barnes is an artist with The Artist Gallery in Virginia Beach Art Center.  Michele earned a BA in Studio Art from Queens College, C.U.N.Y., and an MIS (Masters In Disciplinary Studies) from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Michele will give a virtual tour of the current exhibit, Garden of Life.  During the tour, she will highlight what to look for when viewing artwork and the different styles of artwork on display.  Join Michele for a very informational and interactive tour! 

May 29 - Storytelling and Improv: Ryan Clemens will lead a workshop about storytelling and improv that uses humor, creativity, acting and movement, and a good sense of “play” to engage participants in verbal and nonverbal improvisation exercises that explore ideas of communication and relationships

June 5 - Release your Inner Songwriter: Join award-winning singer/songwriter Richard Mekdeci for a virtual songwriting session that will touch on the basics of song structure, and melody and lyric writing.   The best way to learn is to do-so in this 60 minute class-we will co-write a complete song from beginning to end together with your other classmates.  Richard will make a recording of the masterpiece for you to keep!

June 12 - Creative Writing Workshop Part 1: In this two part series, The Muse Writers Center's Rebekah Coxwell will provide literary engagement, connecting residents with classic published works of a relatable nature, through reading and writing activities that stimulate minds and spark creativity.

June 19 - Creative Writing Workshop Part 2: In this two part series, The Muse Writers Center's Rebekah Coxwell will provide literary engagement, connecting residents with classic published works of a relatable nature, through reading and writing activities that stimulate minds and spark creativity.

June 26 - History of Origami: Rich Gray, an artist in Norfolk, started doing origami as a teenager and was later inspired by the handmade papers he saw in Japan.  His work has been exhibited in Hampton Roads galleries and museums, and his paper jewelry is sold in gift shops in the area.  In this class, Rich will talk about the history of origami, demonstrate how he does origami, and show the  participants his extensive collection of art.