Friday 22 May 2020 10am - 1pm
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Celia Champion 
Painless Practice 

Rebuild Your Practice with Effective Marketing and Communication 

Why attend this course?

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, many practitioners are now faced with rebuilding their practices and changing the way they work to comply with PPE and social distancing measures. It's important that in doing this, you get your communication and marketing message right to reassure your patients and local community, and to help your practice thrive again. Join Celia for a 3 hour online course where she will take you through the following:

  • Exploring the different options of a new way of working
  • Identifying your target audience and their current needs
  • Getting crystal clear about your message
  • Defining how you want to come across in your marketing
  • Exploring the best marketing methods 

You’ll leave the workshop with:

  • Options to consider of how and which services you will offer
  • An outline of your defined target audience
  • A clear and compelling marketing message
  • A profile of what you want your brand identity to be
  • Tools to create a marketing plan

You’ll leave with an action plan that you will feel confident and comfortable implementing which will help you to rebuild your practice

Previous marketing course attendees have this to say:

‘This course is a must for anyone serious about growing or keeping their already successful practice. Well- paced and very informative’ 

‘Really useful seminar. Interactive, interesting with lots of take-home actions to initiate immediately. I am excited about having a marketing plan’

‘As someone with no marketing background, it really made me think about the clinic branding, i.e. the public’s perception of what I do. I also found the brain-storming session on ideas for how patients can refer others to the clinic invaluable.’

‘Excellent information that is pertinent to improving my clinic in an ethical manner. Thank you.’

‘Celia made social media seem more accessible and simpler than I imagined and I now have the tools and confidence to use it to encourage new patients’ 

‘This was the best Painless Practice course so far! It answered all my questions, explained a lot of grey area of social media for me and gave me a great deal to be able to get on with. It was really useful, thanks!’

‘I now have a plan of action for my social media marketing campaign. I know how to connect with more people and which platforms to use. I also have great ideas of the sort of content to include. The course was well planned with a good mix of information and interaction’

Who is this course for?

Practice owners or practice managers who are responsible for the marketing of the practice