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Shanna Nseumen, BS, BCaBA

Director of Preschool Consultation
Behave Your Best! 



Teacher Workshop OnDemand  

Pretend You Are a Light Switch!®

Pretend You Are A Light Switch® is a free resource on our website;
or CLICK HERE to access the recording. 
You are purchasing continuing education in the Develop/MNCPD database.

Description: Explore how typical brain development impacts a child’s ability to learn social, emotional, and behavior regulation skills in early childhood. Learn an evidence-based strategy to teach children behavior regulation exclusively owned by Behave Your Best, LLC. Learn to focus on skill-building to prevent or replace a child's unwanted behaviors. 

This is a prerequisite course for any level 2 course that BYB offers for credit in Develop/MNCPD. 

*This is an ongoing, self-paced workshop. You MUST complete BOTH the pre and post tests for credit. 

Watch your email for TWO additional emails: 
1) Pre- test, post- test and video access. You MUST complete BOTH the pre- and post- tests for credit.

2) Certificate of completion, and PowerPoint. You will be emailed these items. You will receive credit in Develop after you submit both your pre- and post- tests. Make sure to provide your ID number for credit. Entries in Develop will be made each month. You will receive credit in Develop in the month in which you submit your post- test. 
Your certificate will be sent within 5-10 days of the end of the month in which you submit your post- test.

Email jamie@behaveyourbest.com if you have any questions.