View Recording of Ethical & Effective Telehealth: COVID and Beyond

Video Conference (VC) platforms have increased possibilities to provide evidence-based mental health treatment beyond in-person contact. Within the past decade especially, research on Telehealth using synchronous video/audio (aka face-to-face) has shown promising results with various modalities and across a range of disorders. Now that most are providing telehealth due to the COVID19 pandemic, it is important to consider current as well as future (after the restrictions have lifted) implications and practical application of incorporating secure video conferencing into clinical practice.

Topics covered include what clients might or might not be suitable candidates and under what conditions, competencies required to get started, cultural considerations, how to bill telehealth, informed consent and emergency plans, and legal regulations that apply as well as tips on how to manage clients when ALL your practice is on video! Finally, all participants will be provided a sample Video Telehealth checklist to guide use as well as the APA guidelines for the practice of telepsychology