The multidisciplinary program at this event offers an informative platform for the exchange of proven, peer-reviewed original research reports scheduled in nine sessions. All participants are invited to join the two poster sessions at no cost, and support postgraduate presenters from Asia, Africa, and Europe.
Presentations of the advanced scientific research findings from academia, research institutions, and industries include:
  • Natural plant-based preservatives for food, cosmetics, and personal care products
  • Compounds that delay the pathology of Alzheimer’s 
  • Development of natural nasal phytocosmetic 
  • The importance of Frankincense in phytocosmetic
  • Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents - New Generation 
  • Discovery and development of anti-aging cosmetic

 IPPC 2020-Virtual

presenters are from:



appreciates their contributions.


1) General requirements 
  • Abstracts describing a literature review or a case-study need not to be structured
  • Research reports use the structured abstract format
  • All abstracts need to be original and not presented in any other event and shall be based on scientific evidence and new findings;
2) Required Format
The text must be written in English, using the most concise language and not exceeding 400 words.
  • Title of the abstract is acceptable if it
    • Describes concisely and accurately the objective and conclusion of the abstract
    • Does not include any specific trademark and/or any specific names such as affiliation or author-name
    • Scientific symbols and characters shall use MS-Word character formatting and for use scientific format for any species name 
  • Deadline to submit an abstract is 10/07/2020

International Society for Phytocosmetic Science
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This Congress is produced in collaboration with academic institutions in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa and with leading industry representatives. Program of sessions will provide an excellent opportunity for presentations in fields of phytocosmetics, phytotherapy, formulation, innovative technologies, the study of novel plant-based ingredients. Plant extracts and derivatives used in cosmetics, food, and both health and personal care products. The deadline to submit an abstract  [online] is 10 July 2020.
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Guideline to submit an abstract before the deadline

Poster abstract deadline: 31/07/2020

  • The corresponding author sign in for a user account at 
  • Confirm your identity when you receive an email message from
  • Login to your account and select submit the article on the top of the page
  • Complete submission form and correct all text and name for spelling
  • For questions, please contact

Authors: Only those individuals who had significant contributions to the study can be listed as authors. Certificates are issued to all presenting authors, while the title and one affiliation will be in the text.

Submit Your Abstract

During August IPPC-Virtual team of scientists will review presentations for language and eligibility to be presented at the event. Peer-reviewed abstracts will be published 


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