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The Arc-Dane County 
The Arc-Dane County 

2020 Membership Drive

The Arc-Dane County uses membership funds to serve our Dane County communities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We know the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to create quality of life challenges for everyone.  All of us at The Arc-Dane County are working hard to modify our offerings for engagement and education.  We continue to work with the Survival Coalition and the DD Coalition to advocate for issues that impact our community.  We are currently planning on modified versions of our events and dances.  We are also working to develop a virtual series for future planning to support our loved ones with I/DD.

Renewing your membership today will ensure we are able to continue providing quality resources and engagement opportunities to you and your family.

Your membership provides financial support for our work promoting advocacy, social & educational events and information sharing. You also receive these wonderful benefits:

  • Part of national Arc focusing on policy issues that affect the disabled from the halls of Congress, Department of Health Services, all the way to our own communities
  • Inclusive social events, ongoing educational programs, and updated resources and supports that we work to keep current and evolving in response to the current needs of our membership
  • The Messenger (our e-newsletter) and
  • Quick access to current information & relevant to services in Dane County, Wisconsin and Nation-wide—The Arc Dane County curates information & news to help you find topics relevant to you
  • Collaboration with other organizations and the slightly different roles they play in advocating for individuals with disabilties and their familles in Dane County

The Arc-Dane County is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Membership dues at any level are tax deductible donations to the extent permitted by law.