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Sandra Louvier 
Center for Entrepreneurship 


Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 4:30 PM 
Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 5:30 PM 

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2020 HCC Business Plan Competition Awards Ceremony - Thursday June 18, 2020 

Join us June 18 at 4:30 PM for our virtual award ceremony as we announce the winners of the 2020 HCC Business Plan Competition!  Seed Capital Prizes will be awarded to the winners to start or grow their dream business.

Dr. Zachary Hodges, President of HCC Northwest; and David Regenbaum, Entrepreneur in Residence, Leader, HCC Business Plan Competition, will be speaking; followed by Sandra Louvier, Director, Glenda & David Regenbaum Center for Entrepreneurship. You will also hear from some past competition winners and alumni and from our 2020 finalists! 

The 2020 HCC Business Plan Competition conducted by the Glenda & David Regenbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, HCC Northwest, has been a great success, with contestant teams advised by 50 advisors.  Our ceremony is to celebrate and congratulate the advisors and competition graduates.  Twenty-four teams successfully graduated from the competition by moving through the rigorous competition milestones from January through May!    

The five finalists presented before our judges live in virtual judging sessions on June 10th and 11th.  On Thursday June 18 at our virtual Awards Ceremony, teams will learn how they placed and cash prizes will be announced.  All graduating teams are invited and will be celebrated along with competition advisors, judges, trainers, sponsors, organizers and key internal and external partners from HCC and Houston’s entrepreneurial eco-system. 


  • David Regenbaum, HCC Entrepreneur in Residence, Chairman of the Board, HCC Foundation
  • Thea Goldin-Smith, Faculty, HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Leadership Trainer, HCC
  • Austin Tennette, HCC Entrepreneur in Residence, Certified Business Coach, Focal Point Coaching 
  • Rebecca Schultz, Faculty, HCC Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Loan Officer, TDECU
  • Sandra Louvier, Director, Glenda & David Regenbaum Center for Entrepreneurship - HCC Northwest


  • Jack Barry III, retired CEO, author, consultant
  • Jennifer Dale, Vice President, East Texas Region, LiftFund
  • Nasrullah Khan, EVP, Chief Lending Officer, Wallis Bank
  • Linda Amador-Stephens, President, HAGGLSVP-SBA Lending Officer, BancorpSouth Bank
  • Dr. Mohammad Tehrani, President, SCORE Houston, serial entrepreneur, C.P.A.
  • Gary Henderson, EVP, Director of Government Guaranteed Lending, Allegiance Bank
  • David Regenbaum, HCC Entrepreneur in Residence, Chairman of the Board, HCC Foundation

Finalists & Their Advisors

  • Cubicles to Cocktails - Christa Clarke; Advisors: Nini Gutierrez and Janice Jucker
  • Emeniss Call Center - Arneisha Sadler; Advisors: James Cutler and Chuck Weiser
  • GotSpot - Reda Hicks; Advisors; Tiffany Williams and Ed Ryland
  • Learning Ninjas- Sarah Mercier; Advisors: Bin Feng and Vinay Shah
  • Specialty Diving LLC - John Hadley; Advisors: George Fornea and Gerald Merfish

Graduating Teams & Their Advisors

The goal of the HCC Businss Plan Competition is to empower all teams accepted into the competition with the competition training and mentorng and through the opportunity to build that into the refinement and polishing of written plans that are submitted in May.  In spite of the COVID 19 Pandemic shutting down Houston in mid-March, we have a 92% graduation rate from the 2020 competition!  We all pivoted along with our contestants. Competition training sessions one and two were on campus, and we swiftly went virtual for training sessions three thru six!  Twenty-four teams completed competition training, participated in one-on-one advising with their advisors, and submitted plans by the May 16, 2020 deadline!  The greatest prize has already been set in motion by all finalists and graduating teams with: the training, advising, group inspiration, galvanizing team work, lessons learned and milestones acheived.  The experience and connections can keep on giving as well. We will celebrate all twenty-four finalists and graduating teams and their advisors on June 18th!  Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, in-kind prizes will also be awarded to all graduating teams! 

  • Artopia - Megan Monks; Advisors: Ruth Ollison and Ron Wagman
  • Axess Global Business - Ximena Murillo, Tony Johnson, Alvaro Carrasco; Advisors: Raul Vazquez and Adolfo Morales    
  • Buckle Genius - Aubreynette Stewart; Advisors: Jim Davis and Austin Tenette           
  • Champagne Show & Tell - Sherhara Downing; Advisors: Terra Caravella and Matt Curry
  • Church Space - Day Edwards; Advisors: Francisco Gonzalez and Shahzad Chagani   
  • Coffee Stix - Donna Royston; Advisors: Lalitha Raman and Venkat Raman 
  • Constancy One Group LLC - Fermin Cerecero; Advisors: Margie Plotkin and John Harris
  • Glass Ceiling Construction - Timesha Beattie; Advisors: Jorge Mora and Dale Knonicek         
  • Global Security Advancements - Travion James; Advisors: Branden Morris and Steve Greenbaum       
  • HJ Staffing - Constance Jones; Advisors: Sheila Patterson and Cathy Reinhold          
  • HSM Metal Works - Raquel Rodriguez; Adivsors: Orlando Saldana and Barkat Charania          
  • Huntaro, Inc.- Christine Oramasionwu and Jonathan Hunter; Advisors: Anthony Lopez and Carol Lazard
  • Hypothesis Haven Science Club - Bridget Chapital, Shaun Chapital; Advisors: Patty Sobelman and Young Kim  
  • King's Metal Recovery Professional Services - Renease King, LaVawn Covington, Lashelle Haskins; Advisors: Jim O'Sullivan and Ashen Khan       
  • National Property Appraisal Group - Chris Evans; Advisors: Juan Crawford and Mike Granger            
  • NPC Analytics LLC - Paul Odiachi; Advisors: Keith Okano and Ray Nix        
  • Reason2Race, LLC - Gabrielle Baumeyer, Bill Baumeyer; Advisors: Steve Rosencranz and Brittany Barretto       
  • Some Guys Transportation Company - Ashlee Warner, Daniel Brown; Advisors: Clive Defty and Wayne Blease                    
  • The Privacy Pak, LLC - Taylor Smith; Advisors: Rochelle Butler and Miara Shaw
  • Thanks also to our Lead Advisors and Additional Advisors:  With the onslought of Covid 19, we needed additional assistance and advisors when some advisors, particularly lenders, were immersed in COVID19 assistance to Houston entrepreneurs. Additonal thanks to: Kimberly Penn, Miara Shaw, Juan Crawford, Cathy Reinhold, Mike Fadden, Jim Overman, Ted Long, Kathleen Margolis, Alexis Rios and Enriquez Saavedra.

Join us to celebrate our aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and help them make valuable connections to start and grow their businesses! 

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We celebrate all our 2020 HCC Business Plan Competition Graduates! 

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