Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT
Friday, July 24, 2020 at 12:00 PM EDT

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New York Women in Business, SCORE 

With all the changes we have seen in our lives and the world around us, and the uncertainties we still see ahead, we need to be asking ourselves, "Are our assumptions about our business, source of revenues, and customers still valid?"

What if you could start anew with fresh ideas in a way that is consistent with the principals of the original, but not unnecessarily constrained by what has taken place before.

Use this time now to regroup, take stock and revisit your path forward.

Day ONE - Wednesday, July 22| 10am-12pm

Day TWO - Friday, July 24 |10am-12pm


What You Will Learn

From Day One: Keynote and Panel Discussion
  • Assess what it takes to navigate the uncertainty all businesses today face
  • Identify opportunities that you may have never considered
  • List at least five ways to energize your business
From Day Two: Expert-Led Work Sessions
  • Understand how to apply ideas and principles from Day One to your business and business plans
  • Prepare an action plan for preparing your business to embrace new challenges and opportunities

Who Should Attend

Individuals with existing businesses or startups seeking resilience and fresh ideas for growth in the days ahead.

Conference Fee

  NOW $25 for Webinar and Work Sessions


Day ONE (Wednesday, July 22) Keynote and Panel Discussion

  • Hear keynote speaker Holland Haiis, author, consultant, and executive coach share secrets of successful, resilient businesses and the five things you can do now to energize and reboot.

 Click Here to read bios of the speaker and the panelists.

Day TWO (Friday, July 24) Round Table Discussions

There will be six discussion groups on finance, marketing, and business planning. Each group lasts an hour. Select a topic from the Group A to attend from 10-11am, and another from Group B for 11am-12pm.

Get a chance to discuss what you learned on Day One, and ask questions about your plans and business of SCORE mentors, experts and peers.

Click Here to read the bios of the discussion group leaders.


Group A @10-11am

A1. Crafting Powerful Messages

Learn the secret behind powerful messages that connect emotionally and link your product or service with potential clients’ needs. This is especially important during turbulent times when it can be harder to cut through and stand out.

 A2. Budgeting for Success

A budget is basically just a plan for your money, not a straitjacket that keeps you from doing what you want. Find out how budgeting can become an indispensable tool that helps you make money and gives you the freedom to grow.

 A3. Secrets To A Successful Pivot

Pivoting means shifting strategy to embrace greater opportunity. Learn about the many different ways to pivot, how to know which one is right for you and how to do this effectively.   

Group B @11am-12pm

B1. Creating Websites With Purpose

Your website’s primary role is to generate business. Learn ways to get more out of your websites, to engage and draw visitors into the conversation you want to start or the story you want to tell about your business. 

B2. Funding Your Business For Growth

Options for business funding will differ depending on your business and its needs. Find out how to take stock of where you are, hear about the different options and determine what is right for you.

B3.Tips For Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Whether you make your products or are in e-Commerce, find out ways even small businesses can build speed, visibility, and agility into their sourcing strategy. It’s about creating more options for getting what you need at the time and prices you need.


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We will email you separate links for the discussion groups later based on the topics you select.


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