Monday, July 6, 2020 at 9:00 AM PDT
Monday, August 17, 2020 at 1:30 PM PDT

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Jenny Grainger
Miranda Macpherson

Deepening your Meditation Practice

6 Week Program with Miranda Macpherson

6 July - 17 August 2020

These times of unprecedented change and uncertainty offer us a powerful invitation to rise into the most graceful human beings we were made to be: capable of staying present and open-hearted in chaotic and difficult circumstances, so we can respond with love and wisdom to serve our world in transition.  

I am not an expert in how we bring the societal transformation needed so that every human being is treated with respect and kindness. However, in 40 years of dedication to transforming my own stubborn habits of closure and almost 30 years supporting others relaxing out of ego, I have come to see what obstructs authentic transformation…and what supports it. 

One thing I know: if you want evolve spiritually, and be capable of radiating your love and unique gifts deeper and further into our world that desperately needs them, then meditation practice wants to become your cherished friend.

Regular meditation gives you an inner refuge, even when fierce winds blow. It helps settle your nervous system releasing stress and promoting resilience. It helps relax the roots of fear and control so you can trust the unfolding. It gives you a compassionate inner platform to face unconscious forces within yourself that must be seen and forgiven. In time, meditation helps you recognize that we are all held by a Presence deeper than mind, where the spiritual nourishment we need is always available to help us evolve and thrive.

Many people confess to me that they struggle to gain traction in their meditation practice, let alone bring the energy from the meditation cushion into daily life so that everything they do is infused with Grace.


Given the need of our times, I am offering a structured 6-week program based upon the meditation practices that have made the biggest difference in my own inner life. Each practice helps you relax out of Ego, cultivating a balanced awakening in body-heart and mind, and stabilize your realization. These practices help refine your subtle body so you can gain access to expanded states of consciousness, while addressing the common challenges most sincere aspirants face on the path.  Even if you are familiar with some of these meditations from other courses, in this, my first ever dedicated program on meditation, I will be giving nuanced instruction, trouble-shooting and further depth in each practice than I have given elsewhere to date.

The specific practices include:

Week 1) Ego Relaxation MeditationMelting into Being

Week 2) Mountain of PresenceGrounding in the Infinite

Week 3) Shower of GraceReceiving Celestial Blessings

Week 4) Vast HeartAwakening Boundless Love

Week 5) I AMAbiding as Radiant Awareness

Week 6) Divine GuidanceAccessing the Stream of Wisdom 

Additional bonus video teachings on overcoming resistance and ego kickback reactions, how to establish or enliven your practice so that it comes out of your love, not from “should”, and much more.


Each Sunday for 6 weeks you will receive the following downloadable offerings that relate to the specific meditation focus of that week:   

  • Video of each meditation – where I guide you into the practice. (30 mins)    

  • Instruction video teaching on each practice that explains the practice in depth and how to gain the most from each practice. (30 mins) 

  • Audio “on the spot” short version of each practice to apply it amidst your day, or re-set when needed. (5-7 mins)  

  • Written handout on each practice. 


You are also invited to 3 live 90 minute Q&A events with me via Zoom during which I will give nuanced support in response to your sincere questions related to the material, including how to overcome subtle obstacles.  These take place on:  

  • 6 July (9 a.m. Pacific Time)  
  • 20 July (5pm Pacific Time)  
  • 17 August (12 noon Pacific Time) 

We have intentionally scheduled these at different times so that wherever you live in the world, you will have the opportunity to interact in person with me.   

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you gain the very most from this program. Recordings of these live sessions will be shared on the Course Homepage for your exclusive use. 


You will be encouraged to become part of a 4 person 'meditation pod' to give and receive support, encourage and connect with fellow students from around the world. 

In addition, there will be a private Facebook group for students of this program where you can connect with fellow students, and write any questions you wish me to address in the Live Q & A sessions 


You will also receive lifetime access to additional support materials and all the resources on the Course Homepage


This program is for anyone who sincerely wishes to either establish a deeper meditation practice or re-ignite and deepen an existing one, working with the teachings and transmission of Grace and Ego Relaxation.  All are welcome.   


Once you have registered, you will receive an email with link to your Course Homepage with all the information to make the most of this program.  This includes suggestions for creating a sacred meditation area in your home, supportive videos, handouts and much more.

COST: $250 payable via PayPal in order to reserve your place. 

We are offering some 50% scholarships for anyone who genuinely needs them due to Covid related financial hardship.  Please email info@mirandamacpherson.com briefly explaining why you would like to benefit from a scholarship for this program.