Susan Bushell
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Saturday, November 14, 2020 at 9:00 AM EST
Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST

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Susan Bushell  Energy Therapist B.Sc.
EFT International Accredited Trainer &
Canadian Representative 
Creator of the EFT Gathering in Canada
Former Co-chair of EFT International's Training & Certification Board


Life Feeling Challenging Right Now?

Curious About This Self-Healing Technique Called Tapping?

Depressed woman

Clear the Sting of the Past 

Learn How To Tap For Yourself and Your Loved Ones & Your Clients

English ladies tapping

Get Connected With Other EFT Enthusiasts

Practice for Yourself
Learn to Tap for Children and Pets


Lots of support from Susan

I Love Supporting My EFT Students

Make new friends who love Tapping

Linda Stearns, Carol Farauto and Mona Meyer joined me at CAIET


Working with David Feinstein, EFT researcher, pioneer, author and international expert at the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference in Victoria, B.C. Halifax N.S. and in Toronto ON was a very rewarding professional experience. I work hard to keep current in Energy Psychology

Susan working with David Feinstein in Edmonton

Learn With An Experienced and Accredited EFT Trainer





EFT International Combined
Levels 1 & 2 EFT Training Online

November 14-17, 2020 

 Experience EFT Training online, Ontario Canada 

Are you ready to learn EFT?  

Perhaps You Simply Want To Tap For Yourself And Your Family

Maybe You Are Keen To Add EFT To An Existing Clinical Practice?

Do You Work In Mental Health Or Education And Have Been Looking For Quality, Live EFT Training?

Do You Work In Complementary Health & Wellness And See The Value in Improving Client's Mental And Emotional Wellbeing

Had enough of large training groups and ready for a small, supportive group of like-minded people? Would you like the world's largest and oldest EFT training organization behind you as you work towards Accreditation?

In this online training of no more than a dozen students, and following EFT International's extensive standardized syllabus, Accredited EFT Trainer Susan Bushell guides you towards becoming confident and competent with EFT. The complete 4-day course offers 24 CEUs with The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapists Association and is designed for both beginners and those who already have some experience with Tapping. There is nothing like a live training online to be truly sure you know you can hold friends, family & clients safe while tapping with them. 

If you would like to improve established EFT skills, pursue practitioner status or simply want to be a highly skilled Tapper, attend the full 4 day training. (Practitioner Accreditation involves continued mentoring and self practice. See the accreditation info on the website)

If you are a nurse, crisis worker, psychotherapist, social worker, teacher, counsellor or child and youth worker intrigued by what you are hearing about the efficacy of EFT and want to offer this well researched, and scientifically valid technique to your clients and patients then perhaps this training option is for you. 
Learn how to present EFT to your agency, manager or supervisor and deal with any skepticism. Add EFT into your own self-care routine so that career burnout doesn't happen to you.

EFT is a well researched tool for changing feelings about yourself, life events and the world. It brightens limiting perspectives and shows similar or superior results to CBT

In this training you will learn how to release yourself from the sting of events in your emotional history that you know are affecting your present. Be sure your EFT knowledge is complete.

Learn how EFT works to calm the nervous system and the science behind it. This is an experiential training. Be prepared to experience EFT from the inside. Everyone is welcome.  

Find out more about Susan at

Level 1 & 2 EFT Combined

Susan Co-Facilitating with Founding EFT Master, Ann Ross

'I met Susan on the level 1 and 2 EFT training in England where she was teaching the group along with Ann Ross. I was completely new to EFT so felt like I had jumped in the deep end, but Susan soon made me feel at ease and able to work on my fear of being in front of a group. I was impressed by how skillful Susan was at helping me quickly through some very difficult and painful stuff with the minimum of suffering on my part. I found myself telling the group some of my most painful memories without feeling unduly bothered, which would have been almost impossible an hour before.
As a practitioner of nutritional therapy I think EFT is likely to be incredibly helpful for clients with emotional or psychological issues around food, and I am already feeling the benefits for myself in many areas that have held me back such - as with being able to give public talks without a lot of anxiety. Many thanks for all your help Susan!' 

Andrew J. United Kingdom


This course is being delivered online

Level 1 Workshop Only $550 or two Easy Payments of $275
Early Bird Fee $500 (Easy Pay $250) until Oct 15

Level 2 Workshop Only (you must have completed Level 1 previously) 
$550 or two Easy Payments of $275
Early Bird Fee $500 (Easy Pay $250) until Oct 15

Levels 1 & 2 Workshop (4 days) $950 or two Easy Payments  of $475
Early Bird Fee $900 (Easy Pay $450) until Oct 15

Repeater Fees Half Price

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Susan Bushell has been in private practice in Guelph, Ontario since 2003. She is an EFT International Master Trainer and Advanced EFT Practitioner and has trained and mentored  EFT over 450 students.
She offers this training to both professionals & lay people to get them confidently tapping for themselves, family and friends as well as clients. She is wholly committed to teaching excellence in EFT in Canada.

In the full 4-days of training the focus will be on how negative emotions and beliefs are created and why your understanding of The Discovery Statement is vital to their elimination. Learn how using EFT regularly offers brighter perspectives. Practice both the Basic Recipe and the Shortcut versions of EFT. Learn the Tearless TraumaTechnique as well as how to gently get to the bottom of things without running the risk of abreaction or retraumatization. Learn how to work with fears, resistance, emerging aspects and why knowing how to release layers of feelings is critical to becoming a truly effective Tapper. You will be closely supervised while practicing in pairs until you feel confident before moving on to new material.
Feel how shifting perspective about an unfortunate event or a limiting belief creates positive change. 
Susan will share why positive affirmations are not enough & why EFT needs to be administered first before positive affirmations are able to be integrated.

This course is an intensive experiential program
Be prepared to participate fully throughout the training  

Develop competency while working through the EFTi standardized curriculum.
Once completed you will be encouraged to attend Susan's monthly office hours for further questions & support at no extra charge

If you are already working in a mental health profession you are invited to consider attending the full 4-day training Combined Levels 1 & 2 training to add EFT to your existing practice. This is ideal for social workers, psychotherapists, child and youth workers, family and marriage counsellors, physicans and nurses as well as addiction counsellors and others in the mental health field. 


Level 1 Only $550 or Two Easy Payments of $275
Early Bird Rate $500 (Easy Pay $250) until Oct 15

Levels 1 & 2 (4 days) $950 or Two Easy Payments of $475
Early Bird Rate $900 (Easy Pay $450) until Oct 15

Repeater Fees Half Price

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