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Lisa Rothman
Center for Efficient Collaboration

An Introduction to Convergent Facilitation:
A Pathway to Efficient, Collaborative Decisions

Now more than ever, we see the devastating consequences when stakeholders aren't involved in making decisions that affect them. 

Convergent Facilitation can help.

"I wouldn't have believed it was possible but we achieved more collaboratively than we were able to do as adversaries"
- Tim Mahoney, Minnesota State Representative, who was part of a Convergent Facilitation process that resulted in breakthrough child custody legislation that had near unanimous bipartisan support.


It's a three-phase decision making process that's designed to build trust from the very beginning, to surface concerns and address them, and to turn conflicts into dilemmas that the group feels energized to solve together.  The intended result is a decision that everyone can wholeheartedly embrace that's arrived at with surprising efficiency.

In this time of extraordinary challenge, change and opportunity, the world is hungry for people who have these skills. Imagine being one of those people.  You can!

"Now when I plan a meeting, I use Convergent Facilitation to guide how I shape my agenda so we get to outcomes that everyone can live with."
- Mary Oleksy, Associate Director of Joint and Dual Degree Programs, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Make the changes you’re working so hard to see in the world last because all stakeholders feel motivated to make them a reality.

Become a Convergent Facilitator.


Your Instructors

Roxy Manning_ PhD

Roxy Manning, PhD

An Afro-Caribbean clinical psychologist and CNVC certified trainer, Roxy Manning knows the challenges of getting groups of people of all sizes - from couples to community organizations - to make decisions that work for every member of the group. Roxy is especially keen on strategies that address equity issues in groups and is excited about the ways convergent facilitation supports the inclusion of all voices across the power spectrum.

Lisa Rothman

As the executive producer of KPFA Radio’s Morning Show for seven years, Lisa Rothman was responsible for raising 20% of the station’s budget by forging 15 people’s wildly divergent viewpoints into a coherent program. What she learned from facilitating challenging editorial and station-wide meetings inspired her to partner with Miki Kashtan, PhD., the co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication, to create this workshop.



Can't attend all the sessions?  No problem.  You will receive recordings of each class.


Standard Organizational Tuition: $500

Gift Economy Rate: Sliding scale, $400 - $0

We are offering this workshop under two pricing plans. Having two rates makes it possible for us to offer this work in support of organizational as well as societal change. If you are attending as a member of an organization or having your attendance subsidized, please use our standard organizational rate. 

If you are attending as a member of a community or non-profit group, we are offering this workshop on a gift economy basis. What we mean by gift economy is that we are offering this workshop without knowing if we will receive anything, and you are receiving without being asked to give any specific amount.  We ask you to consider giving an amount that feels joyful.  You might also want to contribute even if you cannot attend the workshop because you want to support this work in the world.

Cancellation Policy

Space in this program is limited. In order to ensure that as many people are able to attend as possible, we have the following cancellation policy:

  • Before July 27th: Full refund, less $50 admin fee per person
  • Before August 6th: 50% refund, less $50 admin fee per person
  • Cancellations after August 6th will not be refunded.