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 Learn What CEO's Know About Using the Brain’s Own Shortcuts to GET TO YES FASTER® 

"You are the best and deserve the recognition from all of Vistage and beyond. Since I heard you in Chicago, I have sent all of my sales and project staff to your seminar.   Without exception they all tell me how they were transformed by your message.  Thanks for the awakening, we are all better at what we do because of you."        --Jason Arends, Wes-tech, CEO Group Member Chicago 

"... an outstanding opportunity for (our CEO GROUP) to be privy to pure excellence, and a morning filled with rich insight, enlightenment, and interest.  As you know, on a 5.0 scale, we ask our members to offer feedback on both content and on presentation quality.  In both arenas, you scored a 5.0   This is not done with this group.  In fact, in my 20 years with the group, perhaps I saw this one other time.  Additionally, we ask for comments.  They include: "outstanding.  Thank you for an impactful level of insight --terrific.  His personal and professional presentation style kept me fully present.  Would highly recommend him to others.  I feel that this was one of the best presentations we have had.  I was never left with any time that I was not at full attention (Dean, this comes from a member who is addicted to his phone!)  The pace was great.  The content was spectacular.  There are many different things to use and I usually leave these presentations with only one or two. ---Great tools.  Tangible.  Loved his personality! ---Outstanding.  Thank you! ---Need to get him back again ---Wow!  This was a ton of great information in a short period of time.  I learned a ton of relevant nuggets I can use immediately to have impact. --- very timely.   A lot of takeaways."   ---Judy Guten, CEO Group Chair, Vistage 


Thursday, July 9, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM EDT
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Dean Minuto 

Starting Different™ 3hr Live Web Workshop with Dean Minuto/ YESCALATE® GET TO YES FASTER® 

Last week I delivered my workshop to three Vistage Groups remotely-- using GoToWebinar-- within a day or two one CEO Member asked: “How can I have you back to Train our Team?"

 I let her know that I deliver these online versions at various times each summer for small groups of attendees to allow for personal interaction and follow up, and I limit attendance to 20 participants. Last week's Vistage Groups have first dibs on registration-- the fee is $495 per participant or $8750 if a single firm would like to book a private version for as many people as you would like."

Starting Different in 2020—Use the Brain’s Own Shortcuts to GET TO YES FASTER® with Clients, Vendors and your own Team.

With Vistage Speaker of the Year, Dean Minuto                                                                                   Why? Because 9000 CEO’s Can’t Be Wrong 

LEARN WHAT brain scientists know are 7 Shortcuts to GET TO YES FASTER®--  and ACCELERATE decisions with your clients, your vendors-- and even your internal Team.

EXPLAIN WHY those shortcuts work with a 3-word Checklist for your own presentations, marketing messages and proposals. 

DEMONSTRATE HOW to apply them yourself using the One-Page Sales Coach® tool.

BE INSPIRED by the Lessons, Examples and Exercises from one of America’s Top Speakers and Trainers

While only 1 in 9 Americans are in “Sales”... Every one of us spends almost half of our workday, every day, trying to “Influence” someone.

And if you don’t know the brain’s shortcuts you actually make it HARDER for people to say YES.


If you want your Team to get to yes faster and more often, then reserve a table for them to learn how!

Program Description

 If you want your Team to get to yes faster and more often, then reserve a space for them to learn how. This Workshop is an interactive half-day of learning and brainstorming with Dean Minuto. Award-winning Speaker and Coach, Vistage Speaker of the Year Dean has a unique ability to present massively distilled summary courses for your Team with single-sheet tools that they can use immediately to "Get Yes Faster and More Often." Everyone needs to get to YES with someone (Vendors, Clients, Employees, Investors and Board Members) whether alone or with their team- and this course presents a unique set of tools distilled from more than 100 years of research in the decision sciences and applied directly in Dean's work with more than 9,000 executives. You’ll learn simple and powerful tools including research-proven strategies from behavioral psychology, brain science and consultative selling to GET TO YES FASTER®.

Together from 1:00pm-4:00pm we will brainstorm 9 Custom YESCALATE® Application Exercises and you will leave with your own Personal 90-Day YESCALATE® Training Plan to embed the learning into your organization.

Workshop Deliverables                                                                     Four Tools:  Book / Tip Card / Application Summary / Videos

All attendees receive a copy of Dean's book, The One-Page Sales Coach, along with summary Tip Card and full workshop two-page Personal Application Summary. In addition, all attendees will be invited to receive the weekly YESCALATE®  one-minute Video Tips to reinforce the learning for the coming year. 

The Workshop applies to any attempt to influence: face to face, over the phone, and over the Web.

Value to You and Your Team

Who do you need to get to yes with? This is not JUST about sales. Only 1 in 9 Americans are in "sales", and the other 8 don't want to be! But every American regardless of her position spends almost half the day everyday trying to persuade and influence someone. Everyone Needs to GET TO YES FASTER®: Unfortunately, sales is sometimes associated with manipulation and mistrust. In reality, when done right, influence actually encompasses our most virtuous qualities as humans. The fact is that most communication involves influencing and persuading other people to one extent or another — whether it’s self-promotion, sales promotions, PR, negotiating, or navigating interpersonal relationships. Not to mention roles in business like accounting, finance, HR, management, customer service, project management, and administration.

Think of it this way . . . if you are dealing with people, you need to get to yes!

At its core, the YESCALATE® system is about making a difference and will show you how to get to yes faster and more often, in an honest and ethical way.

Research-based content divided into easily digestible segments offers simple, actionable takeaways that will change the way you relate to people.  This dynamic session includes modules on Brain Science, Behavioral Psychology, and Sales and Marketing Best Practices and is applicable to anyone who needs to influence others.

Dean’s unique, engaging narrative style is showcased, providing you with guidance every step of the way in conjunction with handouts for application and review.

Your Speaker Biography

Dean Minuto coaches CEOs and teams to get "Yes" faster and more often from the people they are trying to influence. Dean teaches award-winning summary courses to CEOs within Vistage and to industry groups across the United States. A Vistage Member himself beginning 10 years ago, who also completed Vistage Studio VI Chair training, Dean loves to work with Vistage Member firms and is committed to contribute for Members and Chairs in his talks. It’s no wonder that more than 900 Vistage-related Groups have chosen Dean to speak to their Teams and more than 9,000 CEOs and business leaders across America have chosen Dean to coach their companies—because Dean delivers: averaging above a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating for the last 10 years, and being named Vistage Speaker of the Year in June of 2015.

Recently Dean was asked to Keynote the Vistage UK Executive Summit in London.

Register yourself and your Team to work directly with Dean and GET TO YES FASTER®