Thursday, July 30, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT
Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 8:15 PM EDT

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Betsy Muller, Amazon Best Selling Author of Energy Makeover & The Comeback 
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Emotional Freedom for Moms, Kids and Families - 2 Part Series in partnership with Seasons Practice 

Have the disruptions, uncertainty and chaos of 2020 been rough for you and your family? 

What will your children remember about  this year?  These are stressful times that have interrupted routines, relationships, school, work and your ability to get away.   Managing your household, kid's activities and your own wellbeing has become even more complicated as well as stressful.  It's time to have emotional freedom and resources to bring peace and resiliance to your life. Let's make this a time that empowers everyone....with positive implications for the next 7 generations.

Taking time for you is urgent, not selfish!  Connecting with a small group of like minded moms to learn some new skills, realize you are not alone and begin to experiment with a natural and very flexible way to calm down.   You'll experience this natural modality, supported by over 100 clinical research studies, that rapidly calms the nervous system and your body's stress response.  As you calm down, there's a contagious healing wave that spreads to your family and community.  

Your facilitator:  Betsy Muller, MBA is a best-selling author and one of the world’s leading experts in life balance through Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping or EFT.  She has been empowering women through coaching, speaking, networking events and retreats since 2005. Betsy has been married 36 years and shares an empty nest with retired Cleveland Browns’ Marketing Director George, certified therapy dog Serena and a naughty Maine Coon cat named Violet.  Her proudest accomplishment is being the mom of two employed and happy young adults who no longer ask for money. 

What's Included? 

  • 2 live 1.5 hour online sessions (recorded) with a small group of like-minded women.
  • Demonstrations and exercises using Emotional Freedom Techniques,  support better sleep, stress reduction, less fighting, pain reduction and optimal learning.
  • Inspiration to be well, get more done and celebrate each new day
  • BONUS - Special 50% off discount offer on private EFT coaching session with Betsy Muller
  • The support and encouragement of like minded women
  • Laughter, fun and more

Regular 2 week Registration $100

Referrals by Seasons Practice/Veronica Bojerski  $70


 Our Schedule: 

The zoom meeting with open at 6:50 each night and the gathering will officially begin at 7PM.  Please be on time so that you don't miss this valuable experience and discussion.  

Week 1: Calming the Stressed out Mom

  • Group introductions
  • Introduction to the body’s acupressure treatment points, clinically proven to lower the stress hormone cortisol. 
  • Constricted Breathing – Tapping demosntration
  • Tapping for physical symptoms or an upsetting thought
  • Sharing time with Q&A, Preview of Week 2


Week 2: Extending Calm to Your Entire Household

  • Group Check In – What are you noticing
  • Situations where tapping can help - research supporting EFT
  • Demonstration and Group Borrowing Benefits Exercise
  • Addressing your biggest challenges with tapping
  • Q&A and more resources for support