Day One: Sat July 25th
Day Two: Sat August 1st
Time : Sharp 2 PM to 3:30 PM EST


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Hari Nagabandi



VT Seva Interactive LEGO Building Session


VT SEVA Tampa invites all lego lovers to join interactive lego building sessions over 2 weekend days. Each participant will get an opportunity to build a Lego Roller Coster(Adventure Park Ride) and fast food Restaurant, from individual Lego pieces. These are creative models that are fun to build from scratch.

Facilitators will share steps to build the models.Sessions are conducted over Teams or Zoom. Link will be shared to registrants.

(VT Seva volunteers/Prajna students)

Kannan Nagabandi (middle school)
Anuka Nagabandi (middle school)

FREE Event
Contribute for the cause @

Open to: Ages 7 yr and above

A:Sign up is must. (Registrants will receive virtual meet conference code, few days before)
B: Specific number of lego pieces needs to be ordered by registered parent.. Ensure you have them at your house prior to first session. Link for products to be ordered are given below. Allow up-to 1 week to receive order from online store
C. All registered families will be joined into whats app for updates.
D. Max participants 15 (if more registrants register, another class will be scheduled)
E: Register by July 15

Day One: Sat July 25th
Day Two: Sat August 1st
Time : Sharp 2 PM to 3:30 PM EST

Lego pieces to order: ( Both are required to prepare the Lego models)

ITEM ONE. $23.99 (free shipping)

ITEM TWO $ 12.99 (free shipping)

Purchase based on individual interest $11.99

Any questions :
Contact VT seva Volunteer
Hari Nagabandi
813 545 5883