Thursday, August 13th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT
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This is an online event. Zoom log-in details will be provided via email upon registering.


Kevin Kay 
National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation 

Image Source: University of Memphis, MAP901

The Indoor Frontier: Exploring Emerging Technologies for First Responders in the Indoor Environment

Join us for this virtual seminar on how emerging technologies in indoor mapping, tracking, and navigation will change the way first responders operate in the future.

Technology has allowed the public to interact with the indoor environment in new ways, especially around mapping, tracking, and navigation. This technology is making its way into the public safety arena, improving first responder planning, training, and operations. In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how emerging technologies such as indoor point clouds and 3D mapping enable first responders to train and respond more effectively. 
  • Learn from industry leaders on the emerging trends and use cases for tracking and navigation technologies. 
  • Gain an understanding of how you can contribute to the Indoor Mapping, Tracking, and Navigation Best Practices Guide.

Who Should Participate?

  • Public Safety Leaders and Emergency Managers across all levels of government who are responsible for local, regional, and/or state level  technology decisions and acquisitions.
  • First Responders across all levels of the governments who utilize technology to improve responder safety.
  • IT, Technologists, and Communications Staff across all levels of government and the private sector who provide support to emergency responder agencies and departments. -

Panelists and Facilitators

  • Kevin Kay - Director, State and Local, NAPSG Foundation
  • Philip Mielke - 3D Web Experience Product Manager, ESRI
  • Sukhi Lamba - TrackIO Team, NEC X


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