Altru Institute Virus Project Membership 

Thank you for your support of the Altru Institutes and interest in our mission of advancing progress on complex global challenges such as the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Special offer to Altru Members and Friends:

Become a Virus Project Member before by July 24th and receive a $500 credit toward Altru membership which can be applied to fees for the January 2021 Conference in Davos Switzerland.

Virus Project members receive: 

  1. Access to Virus Project Research articles archive.
  2. Virus Project newsletter. Bi-weekly.
  3. Invitation to Covid Innovation and Investment conferences.
  4. Summary profiles of companies as they are being added to our global research. (see COVID-19 Testing Research Report)
  5. 100% credit to purchase any Virus Project research products. For example you can apply the full amount of your membership to the purchase of the Global Covid Testing Research Report.

Altru Members and Friends who join the Virus Project in July 2020 receive a $500 credit to participate in the January Meeting in Davos Switzerland.