Tuesday, September 8, 2020 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM SGT
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Shibani Pandya 
Cultural Training Asia / Developing Global Leaders Asia 


Webinar link provided after registration & payment 



Cultural Awareness for Business Success 

Virtual Interactive Program

Today, employees need to understand a wider, richer array of work styles than ever before, and determine what aspects of an interaction are simply a result of personality and which are a result of differences in cultural perspective. A lack of cultural competence can lead to missed opportunities, failed deals, misjudgement of talent capabilities at the organisational level and derailed careers.

Why sign up?

 The session is

  • addressing today’s key cross-cultural challenges and group meeting techniques
  • short and convenient
  • practical with plenty of tips and best practices
  • virtual, yet interactive and engaging
  • great value for money

Session Content

In this workshop participants will:

  • Increase their cross-cultural self-awareness and awareness of other cultures. 
  • Develop skills that help identify and handle potential cultural issues regardless of their country of origin.
  • Prepare individual action points for increasing the effectiveness of future cross-cultural interactions.

All participants will recieve a copy of Dr Tungil's book, The Culture Key.

Target Audience

Both locals and foreigners, line managers and HR people who interact with different cultures on a regular basis.

Delivery Platform: Zoom - you will receive the link after registration and payment.

Webinar Duration: 90 minutes per session.

Each session will be run by Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli, Managing Partner of Developing Globl Leaders Asia and author of 'The Culture Key'. The maximum number of participants is 12 and seats will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. 

Session Fee
SGD 145 per session. This includes a pdf of the session presentation.

Please contact mhughes@developinggloballeaders.com if you would like to make a group booking or pay by direct bank transfer or PayNow. Invoices or receipts are available upon request. 

Sessions for internal use and delivery can also be arranged.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made one week before the event - 100% reimbursement
For cancellations made less than a week before the event - no reimbursement
Participants may nominate another individual to take their seat at any time



Developing Global Leaders Asia

 Responsible leadership combined with the ability to lead across borders and cultures has the power to transforms individuals, teams, organisations, and society – when it’s done right. Developing Global Leaders Asia has decades of research and practical experience.   Our consulting and training services focus on developing globally competent and socially responsible leaders, cohesive multicultural teams and sustainable corporate culture that respects the organisation’s social and environmental impact.


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