Wednesday, August 26, 2020 -           From 9:45 AM to 1:00 PM EDT

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Edward Saltzberg 
The Security and Sustainability Forum 

Shape Your Future Before It Shapes You

Sign up for Shape Your Future Before it Shapes You.            Navigating the leadership challenges during and beyond COVID-19

An executive level 3-hour live online course about leading when the earth is shifting under your feet.  (The course can be customized for corporations and institutions.)

Learn from Ravi Chaudhry, mentor to CEOs and corporate boards, founder Chairman, CeNext Consulting and former Chairmen and CEO of the Indian conglomerate, Tata Group Companies. Ravi is Author of Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality.  Download the program content.

- Click the picture and watch a two minute video of Ravi explaining the course - 

The world is changing relentlessly. Just when we thought we knew the answers to all questions, we find that with the onset of COVID-19, all the questions have been changed.  More than ever before, the future of your organization depends upon the choices you make today. 

With four decades of grassroots experience in diverse industries all over the world, Ravi will share the secret of “Why most leaders function below their potential”. He will lead a heart-to-heart online conversation to grasp the new COVID realities, unravel the latent strengths within you, and re-build a new culture of leadership, based on certain non-negotiable attributes you alone can choose.

The road we have been travelling has come to an end. The journey hereafter is an off-road expedition. You cannot determine what to do today, by referring to what you did before. To break out of the gravitational pull of the past prejudices and beliefs, you have to re-invent yourself. Join us for the transition from terra firma to terra incognita, from the known to the unknown.

It is time to take a pause, start questioning the questions, and frame your own relevant questions that really matter.

The program is limited to 25 participants.

  • Industry CEOs, board members and senior officers
  • Heads of family owned businesses
  • Deans and directors of academic institutions
  • Government executives

Come and join the three-module online, live program, feel the magic of self-discovery, and start achieving your cherished personal and institutional goals, as you transition from terra firma to terra incognita, from the known to the unknown.

Cost: $350

Contact esaltzberg@ersadvisors.com for questions or information about customized programs for institutions and corporations.