Sunday, August 9, 2020 from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM PDT


This is an online event.  

Upon registering, participants will receive a confirmation email with the meeting link.

During this zoom meeting, participants will have audio and video off and can ask questions via the chat box.


Kidpower's Central Office 
Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International 
(800) 467-6997 

Parentpower Workshop: Bullying Prevention

An Online Program for Parents & Other Caring Adults 

“Bullying at school and on social media was making my child – and us! – feel upset and helpless. Kidpower replaced our helplessness with tools and strategies for taking charge of safety in new ways, and things are definitely improving!” Learn strategies you can use and teach so your child builds age-appropriate skills to be safe in the face of bullying – and so you and other adults can advocate to make schools, neighborhoods, and online spaces safer for kids. 

  •  Reducing bullying and sibling conflict with clear boundaries about positive consent for play, teasing, and affection
  • Ways to assess whether someone is just acting friendly - or truly being a friend? - and then make choices to support safety and well-being
  • Skills adults can use, model, and teach about being safe from mean words, speaking up about put downs, and getting help from people in power
  • Recognizing potentially unsafe behavior and intervening positively with Kidpower’s Positive Practice Method™


Workshop Fee: US$60/screen
 Partial scholarships are available.
Pre-registration is required as there is limited space.

Donations over the amount of workshop fees are tax-deductible. We do not turn anyone away from our public workshops for lack of money. Partial scholarships are available.