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Dror Schneider Instructor
HANDLE By The Bay 



Dror Schneider, Instructor

Shifra Leiser

Shifra Leiser, Teaching Assistant

Level 3, HANDLE Screener Course, 2020

What is a HANDLE Screening?

The HANDLE Screening Tool is a series of tasks that can be applied to individuals age five through adult with learning, organizational and attentional difficulties. It also identifies those at risk for such challenges. A Screening is designed to offer basic insight to the client and caregivers and to address mild challenges. Our clients would, in general, be those who can sit at a table, follow directions and hold a pencil.

What is the HANDLE Screener Course?

The course (HANDLE’s Level 3) will start you on the path to become a HANDLE Screener. You will learn to view human functioning through the unique HANDLE perspective and learn to identify neurodevelopmental obstacles that impair academic, motor and social learning. 

What is covered in this course?

 100* hours of instruction including:

  • participants receive a personal HANDLE Screening, insights into their own unique ways of functioning in the world, and an individualized program of HANDLE activities. 
  • the screening process: the tasks, making sense of observations and intake information, creating a program, presenting the findings, all this with a non-judgmental attitude and a systems perspective.
  • further exploration of the concepts taught in Levels 1 and 2. Build a deeper knowledge and understanding of the HANDLE Paradigm
  • Review and exploration of the activities taught in Levels 1 and 2, and additional HANDLE activities that can be applied to enhance functions for those you screen. We’ll explore how to modify the activities to meet the needs of your clients
  • practicing activities and screening tasks in small groups with peers
  • practicum with clients: These are supervised screenings with clients, in which you will work with your peers as a team. You will screen at least three clients and assist your teammates with at least four more. This will give you the opportunity to identify weak systems, determine appropriate recommendations, and present the findings to client families. The training will include working with clients who are in the same space as the Screener-student and clients who are at a different location. You’ll be expected to demonstrate competence in:
  • administering the HANDLE Screening Tool
  • Presenting a non-judgmental attitude
  • Analyzing the findings
  • Developing an individualized program of HANDLE Activities
  • Presenting the findings and teaching the client his or her program
  • Teaching the client to recognize his or her own signs of stress
  • Suggesting compensatory measures to relieve stress

If you are unable to demonstrate competency during the course you will have other opportunities to do so, but there may be an additional cost for that.

  • support in meeting the requirements of certification
  • specifically, there’s a take-home exam, which is essentially an online dialogue with the instructor in which the student demonstrates understanding of HANDLE and the ability to explain, in simple language, HANDLE principles. We’ll go over each section in class to support your completion of this task.
  • Each student is also required to perform at least two practice HANDLE Screenings, which are written up and submitted online by the student to the instructor. The number of practice screenings and the level of supervision the student receives may vary depending on the needs of the student

(* listed hours are only a guide) 

What are the prerequisites?

  • You would need to have attended Levels 1 and 2 sometime within the last two years. However, since these courses are offered now online, if it’s been a longer while since you took these courses, you’d be requested to review them online by the end of the first four months of the Screener course.
  • There’s an application process – see below


  • This course has been adapted to be fully online, including the practicum (working with clients). You don’t need to travel for any part of this course.   
  • The class will meet on Zoom once a week for two hours. You’d need a computer or tablet with a working camera and access to wifi. You’ll be expected to do some homework/practice between sessions, likely up to 2 hours a week.
  • I’m expecting that we will embark on 2-3 courses because it’s not likely that we will find days/times that suit everyone’s schedule.
  • The class will take 12-14 months.

What does it take to complete the course?

Successful completion of the entire course, 100% attendance*, competency-based screenings: take-home exam, getting checked-off on skills, homework and affiliation with The HANDLE Institute, will qualify you as a HANDLE Screener. 


Total tuition fee $3200 (US). Deposit with application $300.

Payment options:

  1. Pay in full at time of acceptance to the course a total of $2900 (discounted)
  2. After the first deposit of $300, make 10 monthly payments of $290 (total $3200)
  3. If you need a different arrangement, please schedule (below) to talk to me

Are there going to be any other costs?

To give you an idea of what I don’t expect to be shipping around the world:

  • You’ll need to get hold of a copy of The Fabric of Autism by Judith Bluestone. Used and new copies are available online. 
  • You’ll likely need to print (at home or at a print shop) some paperwork.
  • Some of the activities require a ball, a hoop, a blow pipe, a rope, a flashlight. Tools will include Cardboard Red and Blue glasses, a couple markers, a dowel. I’ll send instructions as needed.

Also, at this time there’s an annual affiliation fee for HANDLE providers. Those won't be due until next year or the one after. The Affililation fees for Screener Students have been $60-$72 (US), and for Screeners $100-$120.


I, Dror Schneider, will be the Instructor. I have been living in Georgia since the pandemic started, and expect to eventually return to California. If you think I live in the Zoom box you won’t be far from the truth. I have been involved with HANDLE since 2004: first as a mom, then as a Screener (2006) and Practitioner (2008). I have taught several Level 3’s, and this is the first one I’m teaching all-online. I will be joined by at least one teaching assistant (depending on the size of the class). I will introduce the teaching assistant(s) to the group once the schedule is finalized. You’ll have a whole year to get to know us better.

Teaching Assistant:

Shifra Leiser, OTD, OTR/L teaches occupational therapy at Tuoro College and lives with her family in New Jersey. Shifra is a HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor.

Application process: 

Part 1: 

If you need to talk to me – to get your questions answered before you decide about the class or because I personally asked you to talk to me…

Please email me at dror@handlebythebay and suggest a few times/days (weekend okay).

Part 2:

If you’ve decided to go ahead with this, and the Sunday morning schedule doesn't work for you, please mark your availability to attend a class by days of the week – my calendar is on Eastern time (EDT), like New York, so please figure out what days and times that would be for you. The more options you mark on this calendar, the more likely it is that your schedule would fit other students too. I expect to announce soon one or two more courses at different days/times.


Part 3: 

Send me your application form. You can find it on my website at http://www.handlebythebay.com/events/

I welcome your questions and I’m excited!