Monday, August 17,2020 

Choice of 2 Cohorts: 7:30-8:45  am or 1:00-2:15pm edt
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Adina (Laver) Tovell 
Courage to be Curious 


Women Leading with Productive Curiosity:
5 Weeks from Overwhelm to Purposeful Action

We are living through unprecedented times. With tensions high related to both our global health crisis and our racial and political divides, navigating our role as women and leaders is more complex than ever! 

During the best of times, we juggle the many roles we assume as care-givers to children or parents, professionals, partners, and community leaders while still trying to stay grounded in ourselves. Today, many of us feel like we are trying to  sail a ship during a storm - either paralyzed by the intensity or frantically running in a million directions trying to stay afloat. 

Where’s the compass? 

Where’s my north star? 

What should I be doing?

How should I be doing it? 

What do I do first? 

What’s really most important right now?

While most women prioritize supporting everyone else ahead of themselves, the truth is that YOU are the glue that holds it all together.  The pressure mounting on you to hold it all together in this moment is huge! You can no longer afford to put yourself last.

Women Leading with Productive Curiosity: From Overwhelm to Purposeful Action is for women like you who are:

  • high achievers 
  • relentlessly committed to doing a good job
  • insistent about investing your precious time wisely
  • driven to identify the most impactful tools for being your best self

In this 5 week program you will: 

  • Identify a SINGLE question that will serve as your compass to guide you in what to prioritize.

  • Learn how to use this ‘tool’ to achieve greater calm and confidence in your leadership, life and most important relationships.

  • Build a life-changing habit that is sustaining and re-usable no matter how difficult life can get.

  • Expand your network by connecting deeply with other amazing women who are in pursuit of ’figuring it out’ just like you!

  • Claim the YOU time that you always promise yourself but rarely get!!


Program Includes:

  • Five 75-min live interactive workshops (choice of morning cohort or afternoon cohort)

  • Weekly meditation to support grounding and reflection

  • Daily / weekly tracking tool to measure and celebrate impact 
    Your choice of Live, Lead or Love with the Courage to be Curious card deck 

  • Whole-hearted support from your facilitators: Adina B. Tovell of Courage to be Curious and Lauren Weinberg of Lasting Change Wellness

5 Mondays August 17, 24, 31 September 14, 21 2020

2 Time Options:

Cohort 1:  7:30-8:45 am EDT

Cohort 2:  1:00-2:15 pm EDT

Experience the transformative power that arises when a group of courageous, curious, and thoughtful women come together committed to finding strength and clarity in times of overwhelm. Space is limited in each group.

Registration $397
EARLY BIRD by August 13th $347

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our
own 'to do' list [because when we claim our strength and power],
there is no limit to what we as women can accomplish."
~Michelle Obama

Women are the backbone of their families, their communities, and their workplaces. THIS is the time to channel the energy of overwhelm into the energy of purposeful action.

This program is offered as a partnership between
Lasting Change Wellness and Courage to be Curious