Antonio Delgado Phone Bank


Miriam Rabban, Coordinator 
Three Parks Independent Democrats 


6:00 to 8:00 PM

Help re  -elect Antonio Delgade to Congress. Make calls at home. Sign up to receive notice of the next combined training and calling session with Campaign staff. After that, you can use their system to make calls. Miriam, our Coordinator, will be in touch with you. 


From the campaign web page:

Meet Antonio

Born and raised in Schenectady, Antonio is a native of Upstate New York.  His parents worked for General Electric and benefited from a better regional economy.  They worked hard to pursue the American Dream of building a better future for Antonio and his little brother. Antonio attended Colgate University, in Hamilton, New York, where he graduated with high honors and earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford.  From there, he went to law school at Harvard, which is where he met his wife Lacey, a native of Woodstock and Kingston.

The values Antonio learned growing up – hard work, discipline, service and character – helped him get a great education, allowed him the opportunity to start his own company, empowering young people to learn through music, and then begin a second career, as an attorney fighting for what’s fair and just.

The truth is though, for many people in our region, the American Dream is no longer in reach.  Working families are struggling to climb up into the middle class, no matter how hard they work.  The past few decades have seen good-paying jobs like those at General Electric and IBM disappear, with fewer and fewer viable stepping stones for families seeking their share of the American Dream.

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