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Saturday, September 5, 2020 at 9:00 AM PDT
Monday, September 7, 2020 at 5:30 PM PDT

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This is an online event.


Helene Rein
Continuum Montage LLC


Heart of Perceiving - A Virtual Continuum Immersion
Susan Harper with Rebecca Lawson 

Saturday, Sunday and Monday September 5-7 

Pacific Time Zone
9-1pm and 3:30-5:30pm

Eastern Time Zone
12-4pm and 6:30-9pm

This event will be recorded and available for those who cannot attend live. Recordings will be available online for 3 months.


Workshop Fee $300
Sponsorship Fee $350 - Helps Someone Else Attend
Scholarship Fee $200 – If You Have Financial Challenge
Radically Discounted Scholarship Fee - $100

Questions - please contact Helene at susanharper2012@gmail.com

A heart that is awakened has an enormous capacity for genuine love. When you find open awareness and the suppleness of the newborn, what opens? Ecstasy, the capacity for wonder, openness to the world, and loving gaze, unfurls the blossoming of the heart. With awareness of the relational field, we enter a communion—seeing and receiving the living medicine in Nature. We are transformed by “how” we see and by our dialogue with the living phenomena of life.

In the inquiry of Continuum, we explore movement in the language of life with subtle wave motion, gentle breathing, and primordial sounding. Directly 'sensing' Silence opens a palpable mystery, a living presence that awakens the power of love and magic into the waking dream we call reality. In the creative art of perceiving you transform a world of fear into a world of beauty. The “way” you look is the most powerful force shaping your life and sense of reality. With fresh perceiving we alter generations of conditioned habit. Come be part of this transformation. Our world needs you.  



Each day we will have two Zoom sessions with inspirational talks, experiential instructions, and meditative and perceptual explorations or an extended Continuum dive (no need to look at a screen.) There will be time for questions and answers to refine the process of our soulful inquiry. We will also make use of breakout rooms for paired exercises.