Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 8:00 PM EDT
Sunday, September 13, 2020 at 11:00 PM EDT

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Rabbi Yossi 
Kspace Miami 

International ZoomAway



Social activities to integrate and meet new people from 20+ countries. Activities will be split up depending on age, religious status, and interests.


Training and mentoring for young entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs and professionals. Testimonials, advice and a hand in hand that will help you to undertake your future.


Conferences, panels, talks and debates with recognized professionals in the world. Such as Rabbis, community leaders, spiritual guides, and psychologists to learn and debate.


An average of 50 young Jewish singles (half male and half female) are invited to a general zoom meeting via an exclusive invitation which requires confirmation. After a general zoom meeting in which each person presents himself or herself to the others, breakout rooms or private zoom rooms allow two males and two females to speak alone and in particular. There are a total of four to five rounds of private zoom breakout rooms for four singles to talk. Between each personal mixer, everyone rejoins the larger group to listen to guest speakers and/or to discuss important topics which are applicable for the participants. During the zoom singles mix, singles can chat with one another directly through the zoom chat system.  After the zoom Virtual Konnections meet, the singles can contact or will be contacted about their interest in other participants of the zoom. 


**By submitting your application you accept to be truthful and accurate and you agree that any false information may result in forfeiture of your reservation without a refund.
 By submitting your application you also give Kspace Miami the right to proceed with a background check, including Jewish roots.

**Your spot is reserved only upon receiving your payment.  Payment is NOT refundable**

*Kspace Miami reserves its right of admission