2020 Virtual Stay@Home-coming Registration

"Keep Your Performance Streak Alive"



2020 Virtual Redcoat Alumni Homecoming - Register between August 16th to October 1st.


A Virtual Happening 


Redcoat Band Alumni Association, Inc. 

"Keep the Streak" Alive - Virtual 2020 Stay@Home-coming Registration 

Homecoming 2020, as we know the event, will not happen in person this year.  However, we know most of you will want to continue to Give Back to the organization that we all love by registering for a Virtual 2020 Homecoming.  Make sure your name gets listed on the 2020 Virtual Drill.  Those that have returned to Athens every year since you graduated, you can continue your tradition!  Those that want to help their section / group continue their leadership can do your part by registering! Even non-performers can "march" with us virtually! 

For what Redcoats projects are these donations targeted?

Donations target the Redcoats' priority needs as defined each year by the Directors.  This year, new unexpected priorities are due to the COVID-19 situation.  In previous years, donations helped provide Redcoat Field, artificial turf, teaching tower, sound system, scholarships and a drone to support overhead drill execution feedback.  

What would You have spent on a normal Homecoming event?  Now you can register for the Virtual Homecoming! Choose from the following donations, or pick any amount above $35, to begin your registration:

  • $35 (donation value of the actual cost of Homecoming registrations in past years)
  • $75 (donation value of the cost of HC registration plus your official RBAA performance shirt / shipping)
  • $110 (donation value of the cost of HC registration plus your performer football ticket)
  • $185 (donation value of the cost of HC registration plus your performer ticket and one family ticket)
  • $250 (donation value of the cost of HC registration, 2 tickets and estimated expenses for the day)
  • At the end of the HC registration form, you will have opportunities to donate to other funds, such as the Roger Dancz Fund, Phyllis Dancz Memorial, Ruth Kiney Memorial, Steve Mahoney Memorial, Auxiliary Enrichment, Silver Instruments, Redcoat Field, and more.

What else will I receive by registering for 2020 Virtual Stay@Home-coming - other than "Keeping My Streak," supporting my section's / group's numbers and being listed on the Virtual Drill?

  • Donors of $35 will be assigned a marching number, listed in the 2020 Virtual Drill and added to your section's total.
  • Donors over $35 also will be mailed a 2020 Commemorative Sideline Pass
  • Donors over $100 also will be mailed a Commemorative RBAA Logo Lapel Magnet

You don't have to be at a rehearsal at 7am.  You don't have to borrow an instrument.  You don't need a ticket!

To participate in Virtual 2020 Stay@Home-coming and "Keep The Streak" Alive, you must register.