Saturday October 3, 2020 at 12:00 to 4:00PM EDT 

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This is a self-study program which provides access to a recording of a 4-day R-PAS introduction training for the month of September as well as an 4-hour online practice session on October 3rd. 



Contact Angellah at info@r-pas.org 




Online Introduction to R-PAS: Rationale, Administration, Coding, and Interpretation 

Gregory J. Meyer, Ph.D. and Joni L. Mihura, Ph.D.

This workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to understanding the foundation for R-PAS and using it in applied practice. It is ideal for two types of participants: a) those with no previous Rorschach training or experience and b) those who are experienced clinicians and instructors who have training in previous Rorschach systems and want a thorough understanding of R-PAS. 

Attendees will be provided access to a recording of the 4-day Introduction ot R-PAS: Administration, Coding, and Interpretation workshop from point of registration till the live training component on October 3rd. The live session will provide on-line pratice of coding and administration with feedback from R-PAS authors. In addition, any questions you may have from the video modules will be answered at this time as well.

The workshop is limited to 50 participants, so early registration is recommended to reserve a place.

All participants should bring an R-PAS Manual to the workshop (The Rorschach Performance Assessment System, Administration, Coding, Interpretation and Technical Manual, by Meyer, Viglione, Mihura, Erard, & Erdberg, 2011).  After registering for the workshop a 10% discount code will be forwarded to participants so that they can order the Manual at www.r-pas.org.  In addition, all qualified participants will receive one free protocol allocation and one free interpretive guide that will allow for the coding and processing of a protocol on r-pas.org. 

  • Participants should read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of the R-PAS Manual before starting.



Module 1: What Is R-PAS? (2:19:21)

Module 2: Coding - Part 1 (3:50:16)

Module 3: Coding - Part 2 (3:07:17)

Module 4: Coding Principles, Practice Review, & Administration - Part 1 (2:51:41)

Module 5: Administration - Part 2; Cognitive and Thematic Codes (2:33:47)

Module 6: Composite Variables; Norms and Online Scoring (1:45:01)

Module 7: Online Scoring and Interpretation Principles (1:24:40)

Module 8: Case Interpretation; Generating Interventions and Recommendations (3:02:57)



October 3rd - 12:00 to 4:00PM EDT - Attendees will practice R-PAS coding and administration in small group settings with other attendees and receive feedback from R-PAS presenters. 


Fees: The cost for the training is $600. Students (40% off), university instructors (20% off), and clinical supervisors (10% off) may request a discount code prior to completing registration by contacting us at info@r -pas.org; students should submit proof of academic enrollment or an unofficial transcript, while instructors and supervisors should submit some documentation attesting to their role. 

Cancellations can be requested up to five days after registration but no later than Sept. 19th.  Qualifying cancellations will result in a refund of the amount of the registration fee paid minus a $25 processing fee, payable by check or PayPal (credit cards will not be credited).


Continuing Education Credit:  CEs will not be provided for this training.