Thursday, October 8, 2020 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT
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Daphne Dixon 
Live Green Connecticut 

Municipal EV Readiness Program Module 4: Parking & Enforcement 

The Municipal EV Readiness Toolkit 12-Week Program Module 4: Parking & Enforcement will help parking enforcement agencies learn about laws regarding public EV charging stations and how to enforce them, and develop town-wide, comprehensive electrification plans to reach 30% electric by 2030.

We encourage all course participants to join us for Module 4 and learn how thow the modules will work together to support and develop an individualized, town-wide, transportation electrification plan.

Your leadership is essential to this process. We apprecaite you taking time out of your day to participate and join the 2020 Municpal EV Readiness Toolkit Cohort.

About the Program:

This introductory program is designed for municipal decision makers, throughout various departments, and provides a framework, resources, guidance, subject matter experts, and tools to help municipalities throughout the state create the first phase of a comprehensive electric vehicle transition plan. The program aims to be effecient and effective, where participants can register for modules relevant to their departments. Modules meet on Thursdays from 1pm- 2pm. 


Promise of the Program:

  • Action plan for each module
  • Introductions to subject matter experts
  • Course readings and background information
  • Action-oriented and interactive modules
  • Tools and resources
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • How to implement the Connecticut EV Roadmap into a plan of action
  • Certificate of Completion


Module 4: Parking & Enforcement


  • Parking enforcement agency
  • Police Department
  • Parking Commission
  • Economic & Community Development



  • EV Specific Signage Specifications



  • Plug-In EV deployment policy tools: Zoning, Codes, Parking Ordinances
  • Signage for PEV charging stations
  • Regulatory Signs for Electric Vehicle Charging and Parking Facilities
  • EV charging signing: recommended practices
  • West Coast Green Highway



  • Create a plan to install signage for EV charging locations
  • Educate parking enforcement officers on laws regarding parking at EV charging stations