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Institute for Spiritual Development, Lotus Center 
41-45 Dietz St.
Suite 1
Oneonta, NY 13820

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Rev. Diana Friedell, Pastor & Co-Director; Amanda Hoover, Co-Director 
Institute for Spiritual Development 
(607) 267-4693‬ 

Application to teach at the Institute for Spiritual Development, Oneonta, NY 

Applications are now being accepted for workshop and class proposals at the Institute. Seeking impactful teachers whose work is making an uplifting difference in people's lives, and is compatible with the mission and principles of ISD.  Applicant will have a love of teaching, a passion for their area of expertise, ability to use computers and email, commitment and reliability. 


Thank you for considering offering your talent and expertise at ISD Oneonta! To submit your proposal, please fill out the application at the link below, and send a preferred head shot to isdoneonta@gmail.com.  Your proposal will be reviewed by our Adult Education Committee, who then makes a determination and will get back to you.

The Institute's most precious commodity is our reputation.  To that end, we have some policies we anticipate that you will follow, if you teach with us to establish the Institute as a professional, desirable place for people to come and learn.

1.  The teacher is paid one-half of the income of the class, after any paypal or square fees, or lunch cost if lunch was served.   We decide together what the registration or tuition fee is. Checks are generally mailed out no later than two weeks after the completion of the class.

2.  ISD Oneonta will promote the class with a Constant Contact event through newsletters, a Facebook event and postings, Instagram posts, and place on on-line calendars, and sometimes paid promotions at our expense. We have a paid Social Media Consultant whose efforts are boosting the viewership of all of our Social Media outlets. Teachers are asked to help promote the class by sharing ISD event links and posts on their own newsletter list and facebook pages.

2. We anticipate that teachers present themselves professionally in all aspects, which includes starting and ending the class on time.  Please do not extend the time of a class unless you ask all students if it is okay, and you should never extend a class more than 15 minutes.  (Feedback from students is very clear, if it is extended and they can't stay, they feel cheated.)

3. We ask that you keep in mind basic modern teaching principles, mostly that people today want to get involved, and are not as interested in lecture. We ask that you limit lecture to a small part of the class and figure out ways to get the students participating in processes, exercises, games & hands on practice & group discussion.  Remembering that students learn best by DOING.  We offer a class in Teaching Methods for adults that is available to those who are expanding their Spiritual Business into teaching.

4.  Please be cautious about teaching copyrighted curriculum material, and make sure you have permission.  While teaching, please attribute properly any quotes you use in your class materials.

4. All teachers are required to save ten minutes at the end of the class to give students time to fill out an evaluation form.  You can bring your own evaluation form, or you can use the standard form provided by the Institute, which will be available at your class.

5. The teacher of the class can invite as many people as they wish to be in the class on scholarship.

6. The Institute reserves the right to place up to two students in each class on scholarship. 

7.   The Director and/or Pastor of the Institute are also free to attend any class and not pay.

8.  The zoom link to the class will be set up for you by ISD Oneonta technicians, and students will get the link in the reply email after they register for the class.


1.  A support person  (Registrar) will be available at least 30 minutes prior to class to open the space, help you set up, the room, the hospitality area, and handle registration and payment of students. The space will be clean and ready to use. Whoever is Registrar gets to attend the class for free.  If a zoom class, your Registrar will be your tech support person to run the zoom meeting.

2.  We have ample chairs and some worktables if the class is in person. Be sure to check with us about the number of tables available if you need them for class.  There are also pens, notebooks and tissues available for students.

3.  We have coffee/tea and water available for you and the students for any in-person class, and of course there are bathrooms available.

4.  Wifi is available. “ISDOneonta 5G” is the network, and Password is JuneAndLeon

5.  Dry Erase Board, markers, some chart paper & stand.




  1. If you need a few extra copies, there is a copy machine there now, but if you need a LOT of copies, you need to arrange with your appointed Registrar for the day, to get there earlier; or discuss with your ISD facilitator one week ahead of time what your needs are.   
  2. We do not have electronic support, such as a television or projector.  Bring your own blue tooth speaker  for playing music, however those items may be available if arranged for ahead of time.