Communication in Relationships Workshop
2:00-3:00 PM EDT
Wednesday, July 15, 2020 via Zoom


Family Transition Place 


This is an online event. 


Thank you for your interest in Family Transition Place's (FTP's) Youth Education Fall online workshops being held virtually via Zoom for youth ages 11-13.

FTP's Youth Education Team is proud to facilitate a number of interactive workshops this fall utilizing a multi-media approach. Three dates are available for each topic; please pick the one date that works best for your child.

Healthy Relationships:
September 14, 15 and 17
This workshop explores the characteristics that would constitute a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Participants will practice deterring if a relationship is healthy or not as well as learn skills and resources to help deal with unhealthy relationships.

September 21, 22 and 24
Participants will examine the different styles of communication and the impact they have on relationships.  Practical examples and scenarios will be used so students may learn and practice assertive communication, as a way of resolving conflict and building healthier relationships with those in their lives.

Emotional Self-Regulation:
September 28, 29 and October 1
Key elements of healthy emotional self-regulation will be explored during this workshop.  This includes emotional triggers, physical signs of emotion and healthy techniques that can used to calm down and express oneself. The negative impact of unhealthy emotional regulation will also be examined as a way of motivating participants to use the healthy skills they have learned.

Mental Health and Wellness:
October 5, 6 and 8
During this workshop, participants will explore and discuss the stigma attached to mental health.  The signs and symptoms of poor mental health as well as ways to maintain and improve one’s mental wellness will also be examined. Self-care, and seeking support, will act as additional topics of conversation aimed at helping participants understand that maintaining mental health is as important and feasible as maintaining physical health.

A link to each virtual workshop will be sent to you via email upon registration. We request a maximum of two children per device.

We want to ensure that they are making a difference, and will ask our workshop participants to complete a brief online survey to be sent out after the workshop.

REQUIRED READING - Please read the following documents and confirm that they have been read and understand during the next steps of the registration process.

1. Guidelines for Online Programming
2. Online Workshops: What to Expect

NOTE: You are registering yourself as the Parent/Guardian followed by your child. The information that is requested at the beginning of the registration process is yours (Parent/Guardian), followed by your child's information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you receive a message that this group is full, please contact Sabina Iurillo (sabina@familytransitionplace.ca) for information on future groups.

We look forward to meeting your child!


The Youth Education Team
Family Transition Place

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