Stephanie Cales


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

3pm- 5pm

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Globalization, Robots & You: Helping Students Navigate Tomorrow's Economy

Teachers will gain access to Marginal Revolution University’s (MRU) latest curriculum—Globalization, Robots & You—a 5-day curriculum that helps students make more informed decisions about education and careers based on the projected impact of globalization and automation on the U.S. economy’s rapidly changing workforce.  More specifically, students relate the history and impact of globalization to their own lives using the blockbuster Avengers movie, play an economics-trends guessing game on creative destruction, and apply globalization’s economics and personal finance concepts to future education and career choices. 

This highly flexible, easily editable, Google doc-based curriculum includes four videos plus five interactive activities and games that teachers may use separately or as a complete unit and is aligned with social studies subjects, including geography, world history, and U.S. history.  Online and in-class versions for a variety of learning management platforms are available. 

Teachers will also become familiar with other free resources (online courses, lesson plans, assessments, an extensive video-based dictionary of economics concepts, etc.) for teaching secondary economics and personal finance, including a collection of 900+ instructional videos—complete with practice questions and EdPuzzle videos. 

A list of videos aligned with North Carolina’s economics learning standards and best-practices for effective economics and video-based instruction will be shared.  Participants will be given the opportunity to subscribe to EconInBox for just-in-time emails featuring current events media and related activities tailored to what they’re teaching and when they’re teaching it; join MRU’s timely and unique Facebook community for teaching economics online; plus, as a bonus, receive a free 5-pack of economics-themed Zoom backgrounds for virtual classes.


This virtual professional development session was brought to you by NCCEE and Marginal Revolution University.

  • Certificates for 2 hours of high-quality professional development will be provided.
  • Activites are interactive and applicable to remote learning.
  • Access to web-based resources with thousands of lesson plans and interactive resources will be provided.
  • You will need a laptop or tablet to access the course.
  • There is no cost to attend but registration is EXTREMELY LIMITED! Register now using the link below.