Trauma Informed, Mindfulness-Based Practices to Build Resilience in Ourselves and our Youth 

Fall is almost upon us and the pandemic still looms large. Although six months have passed, we are still dealing with the uncertainty as to the best course of action to take in regard to opening our schools. How to keep ourselves and our students safe and healthy? What is the impact of the continuing physical distancing for our children’s development? How can we effectively teach, whether virtually or in person, and be a support to our youth amidst the backdrop of fear?

Join us on October 22, 2020 beginning at 4:00pm for a webinar focused on how to build resilience in ourselves and our youth. In this webinar, Dr. Sharon Gold-Steinberg, a trauma expert, explains in a compassionate and accessible manner, how to understand our collective trauma from a neurobiological perspective. She shares mindfulness-based practices that can help mitigate current and future negative impacts based in science.

This webinar presentation, A Neurologically-informed Approach to Collective Trauma in the (virtual) Classroom, is 90 minutes long and has been pre-recorded for our MC4ME community. Access to the webinar recording will be available for 72 hours following the training. A pdf of the powerpoint presented in the webinar and transcript of the 30 minute Q and A initially held will also be provided. This hybrid webinar/discussion will be useful for a wide audience: parents, clinicians, educators and healthcare professionals. REGISTER NOW

About our presenter:

Sharon Gold-Steinberg, Ph.D. is a fully licensed psychologist who has worked extensively with children and families. She has maintained an active private practice for over 25 years, specializing in the area of treatment of trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, grief, and divorce. Sharon is a dynamic public speaker and often provides workshops on trauma stabilization, trauma-informed care, and vicarious trauma. She is a co-founder of Therapist Refresh, a website that provides meditative and inspirational resources for psychotherapists and other healers.