Wednesday, November 4, 2020

10:00 - 11:00 AM (CST)

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This is an online event. 



Carly Carmosino 
Mechanical Contractors Association of Eastern Missouri 

Alternate Piping Methods Series

AIRpipe aluminum & AQUApipe stainless steel systems

Course Description: This training course reviews the benefits of AIRpipe aluminum and AQUApipe stainless steel systems.  Participants will learn about the cost of generating compressed air and the benefits of utilizing materials that can provide superior reliability & longevity, and that also offer modular installation.  AIRpipe technology, design tools, cleanliness, standards and certifications will be reviewed and discussed. Participants will be trained on how to properly install AIRpipe technologies.

  1. AIRpipe Overview 
    1. Size range 
    2. Product Specifications 
    3. Features and Benefits 
    4. Review of Traditional Piping Systems 
    5. Applicable Markets and Industries
    6. AIRpipe sizing tools and engineering resources and installation video review 
  2. AQUApipe Overview 
    1. Product Series 
    2. Technical Specifications 
    3. Install Methods for Product range 
    4. Tooling Requirements 
    5. Install Video Shorts 

Instructor: Scott Kramer, Midwest and Great Lakes Regional Manager, AIRpipe