November 17th  RECORDED

December 17th  RECORDED

January 14th   RECORDED

February 18th    11am-12:30pm  ET

March 2nd 11:30am-1pm  ET

April 20th   12-1:30pm  ET

May 18th 9-10:45am  ET


 (ET = Eastern Time in North America)



 Educational Coordinator:                  Rosemary Cox                             



First Online Global Wisdom Series by Sage-ing International!

At a time when you are unable to go out and see the world, Sage-ing International is bringing the world to you!  This is an exciting opportunity to expand and deepen your cross-cultural knowledge of how world wisdom traditions can empower your sage-ing journey.

Sign up for the full series to take advantage of the most affordable price!    Monthly flyers for all other webinars with detailed information will be posted in the Sage-ing International Bulletin over the next four months, but, once you are registered for the entire series your registration for the remaining webinars will take place automatically.