Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT
Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 10:00 PM EDT

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Lee Ann Somers 
Being U - Holistic Center & Meditation School 

October Being U MASTERclass Live Webinar Series with Lee Ann Somers 

The October MASTERclass Series meets one evening per week on Zoom from 7pm-9ish pm EDT on October 1st, 8th, 14th, and 22nd. These classes will be live on Zoom and will be recorded in case you are not able to make one of the evenings.

Welcome to Being U’s MASTERClass Series!

This MASTERclass is a monthly opportunity for Lightworkers of all levels to participate in a LIVE Online 4-week Intensive training program featuring different monthly topics to help you to achieve your Spiritual Mastery Goals and Level up your Consciousness game!

If you're ready to:

  • Do some deep Soul Searching to know what it means to BE U...
  • Expand your Self-Healing and Self-Loving talents by training with the Alchemy of your 7 Rays...
  • Embrace the Power of Transformation by integrating your Spirit into your Humanity...
  • Build a working connection to your Higher Self, Guides, Guardians, and God/Source/Universe...
  • Create a Life worth living that is full of authenticity, well-being, happiness, empowerment, and love...

...Then this MASTERCLASS Series is for you!

In this MASTERCLASS, we will drive deep into the ocean of the Aquamarine Ray energy and experience a number of healing attunements and activations that will energize your Lightbody, expand your consciousness, and re-imprint your Lemurian healing codes. 


October   1 – (THURSDAY)    – Aquamarine Ray Initiation

October  8 – (THURSDAY)     - Archangel Anakiel Healing from Lemuria

October 14 – (WEDNESDAY) - Activating the Lemurian Light Codes

October 22 – (THURSDAY)    - Aquamarine Alchemy for World Healing


The phenomenal energy of the Aquamarine Healing Ray is one of the 5 SECRET Rays that is reawakening it’s gifts, and it has made itself available to the Lightworkers of the world in the last year or so in unprecedented abundance that hasn’t been available on this planet since the time of Lemuria. This Ray brings in the frequencies of Unconditionality, Equanimity, and Unity consciousness and it is so needed on our planet at this time. For all those who answer the call to receive this Aquamarine dispensation from Spirit, there are so many blessings to receive!  


No prior knowledge or experience of the Rays is required to participate.  Everyone is welcome to tune in to BEING AQUA! This MASTERCLASS will open you to new levels of intuitive sensitivity, greater depths of healing, and help you access higher dimensions of healing and awareness --- not to mention SO MUCH LOVE!!!!!

 If you want to pay by Zelle or Venmo, click on pay by check and then text me at 954-665-6193 to let me know how you will be paying.

I hope you will join me, the Archangel Anankiel and his Aquamarine team in Spirit to raise your vibration and re-connect with your Lemurian healing abilities and energetic powers!


I look forward to seeing you in this MASTERCLASS – BEING AQUA!

Namaste, BeUtiful BEings!

Lee Ann Somers