United Way of Mid & South Jefferson County 

Hey 2020- we're out of here!

If a science fiction movie and horror movie planned a year.... it'd be 2020! With that in mind we believe 2021 can't come soon enough so we are RUNNING out of 2020 like the first person to see a zombie or hear the freighting sounds from the dark in a movie meant to make you scream. Come on, let's run out of 2020 together, UNITED!

We know that this year has left its impact on each of us in different ways so for this unique event you decide how far, how long and how you participate! You can crawl, limp, walk, run, ride, or sit and wave Bye-Bye 2020, just do it with us! We just want to get up and get moving towards 2021, together. Seriously, this event is all about having fun as we say goodbye to the year 2020. You can even dress up in costumes for your farewell to 2020! 

The event really isn't a Run because... well.... 2020 has left some of us unable to run! Seriously, you can walk, limp, run, ride or hide for this event and you pick when, where, how often and how far you can go. We recognize that nothing has been "normal" in 2020 so why should our last event be normal? We are also giving you extra time to participate. Yup, you set your goal, you plan how you will achieve the goal and we do it together! We would love to see updates as you complete your one day run or weekly updates as you tackle a bigger goal. To share your success and your final farewell to 2020 (please tag us in your social media posts).

So, let's have some FUN in this virtual fundraiser that will help our community with basic needs like food, rent, and utilities. Bonus, after you sign up and say your Goodbye to 2020 you can literally say "been there got the shirt!"

Let's do this, together-