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Scituate CORSE Foundation (Community of Resources for Special Education)


Gates Middle School Parking Lot 
460 First Parish Road
Scituate, MA 02066



C.O.R.S.E. Foundation





Scituate North Pole Express

Drive In Movie

November 21: 8:00PM Showing


The Polar Express Movie will be shown as a drive-in family-friendly community event   

Tickets $25 per car


Register Now!PLEASE NOTE: There is sometimes a glitch in the constant contact system where some registrations get reset to blank before proceeding to Paypal. The company is aware of the issue and working on it. Please try again immediately and it should go through. If it does not, email eventregistration@corsefoundation.org and we will register you. 

Your ticket will be emailed at a later date, prior to the event.  All sales are FINAL.  No refunds or exchanges.  This transaction will show up as Scituate CORSE Foundation, "SCITNPOLEEX", under the category of Donations on your credit card statement.  Please inform ALL family members who manage your credit card statements.

The CORSE Foundation (Community of Resources for Special Education) was established by a group of dedicated parents and educators to raise funds to provide high quality and affordable programming, training and resources that will benefit children with special needs (ages 3-22), their families and educators throughout South Shore Massachusetts.  CORSE has designed an innovative model within a blended framework of integrated and specialized social, academic, recreation, therapeutic and work-skills development programs so children with special needs can reach their full potential.                                       Our variety of programs are staffed appropriately through customized staffing ratios and special education expertise so ALL children, those with and without special needs, can successfully participate together within their community.